Journeys In Motherhood, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

You Asked For It: Be Careful What You Pray For

I would consider my children grateful; they don't ask for much. They have occasional moments like all children though when they've asked for a particular toy, a large helping at dinner time, or ask to go somewhere, but after they've asked for it they seem disenchanted in taking what they asked for granted. Many times… Continue reading You Asked For It: Be Careful What You Pray For

Mom Motivation & Empowerment, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

This Little Light Of Mine

I was very shy as a child. My mom would always encourage me to speak up without fear in expressing myself through the gifts she saw in me as a little girl. I will never forget my children's choir director at one church we attended paid me five dollars to say " Ooouuu" in a… Continue reading This Little Light Of Mine

Journeys In Motherhood, Mom Motivation & Empowerment

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That! : Motherhood Approaching 40 or Older

I can't believe it! I'm only three years to forty. It's amazing how much life can flip in almost a decade in how our lives change drastically, our mindset matures, and what mattered so much in our early adulthood has became void in focusing on. I shared a moment with one of my closest friends… Continue reading Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That! : Motherhood Approaching 40 or Older

Mom Motivation & Empowerment

When God Closes The Door

I have precious memories of playing in my grandparents' front yard. I would often make mud pies decorating festively with leaves from their bushes. My grandparents were pretty relaxed about me playing in the front yard by recycling pie pans for me to use for my culinary mud pie experience. However, the rule of keeping… Continue reading When God Closes The Door

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Giants Fall : Victory Over Personal Giants

My teenage son and my tiny seven year old love to race. My son looks like an absolute giant lined up to his tiny seven year old sister. I admire how she boldly stands right beside him at the start of the race with a sense of determination in her eyes to make it undefeated… Continue reading Giants Fall : Victory Over Personal Giants

Journeys In Motherhood, Spiritual Growth and Understanding, The Little Things That Count

Knowing What Really Matters

There's much sadness and uncertainty with COVID-19 sweeping through our cities disrupting our norms of every day life. The one thing that has kept me grounded through it all is keeping what matters to me the most at my center focus of growing my faith, strengthening our family, and adopting a deeper level of gratitude… Continue reading Knowing What Really Matters