Journeys In Motherhood

Let Them Eat Cake!

I was like most parents during the early weeks of the pandemic in creating activities to keep my four children busy. I had a little more down time to reflect about life and family. It hit me how rushed we all had been balancing as I balanced life as a full-time teacher, school for them,… Continue reading Let Them Eat Cake!

Journeys In Motherhood

Motherhood & Self- Acceptance: Owning Your Journey

My motherhood journey has truly been an experience with growing in self-acceptance. I am finally at a place in owning my identity within my motherhood journey without holding the weight of comparisons, embracing changes despite it's complexities, and offering the gift of grace in every step I take within it's daily occurrences within my family.… Continue reading Motherhood & Self- Acceptance: Owning Your Journey

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My Story Matters , Even If It’s Just For Myself

I'm a pretty transparent person admittedly. I've openly shared as a writer through my blog for a few years now about different aspects of my life from everyday experiences, motherhood, and more all with the hopes of encouraging others. However, for the first time I felt like the character "Elsa" in the movie Frozen with… Continue reading My Story Matters , Even If It’s Just For Myself