Welcome To My Blog

Hi I’m Minimarie

One of my favorite things to enjoy alone, with my children, or with close friends are hikes & trails. It’s usually while walking on a scenic trail or viewing the jewel of a waterfall I not only taking in God’s beautiful Creations, but many of my blog topics are brought into fruition. I’m an unapologetic Southern Belle with a mix of downtown grit that loves the bustle of city life while overlooking the peaceful Savannah River. My children are frequently enjoy the beauty of our city’s downtown life in celebration of the arts, good food at local dining spots, and peaceful walks overlooking the Savannah River. Thanks for joining my family and I on this journey

Proud Mom to Four Active Kiddos, Writer, Speaker, Fine Arts Educator, and Joyholic

I share in writing my motherhood experience, journeys in parenting, helpful tips, spiritual reflections, and encouragement through authentically growing in self-acceptance. There’s a relief in letting go the need of perfectionism with ourselves and with parenting in discovering living a life intentional along with parenting through purpose.

  • Gummy Bear Lover
  • Hip Hop 80’s Baby
  • Closet Comedian
  • Music Lover
  • Loves Outdoors
  • Southern Cook
  • Favorite Color is Pink
  • Ambivert