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Don’t Take It Personal: Understanding The Projection of Hatefulness

There are some people who are at war with themselves internally, yet they fight vicariously through others. They choose to project their inner conflict in fighting towards others in acting in hate, and the worst feeling is being a target for their wrath. Toxic personalities and those who haven't recognized through acknowledgment of acting out… Continue reading Don’t Take It Personal: Understanding The Projection of Hatefulness

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Martyr Servants

Many of us give of ourselves in various roles and capacities. We were created as believers through living discipleship to worship, serve, and for purpose for God. When we give of ourselves in any capacity we should do so freely, in love, with a pure heart, sound mind, and with genuine intentions. Our giving of… Continue reading Martyr Servants

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Tread With Caution:  Recognizing Toxic Personalities

Toxic personalities can zap the life right out of you at any given moment. They can leave you feeling overwhelmed and drained. Despite your best efforts to resolve conflicts or live in peaceful harmony with them it never works out long term. Their behavior and antics in conflict resolutions completely defy logic. Nothing is settled… Continue reading Tread With Caution:  Recognizing Toxic Personalities