Mom Motivation And Empowerment

When God Closes The Door

I have precious memories of playing in my grandparents’ front yard. I would often make mud pies decorating festively with leaves from their bushes. My grandparents were pretty relaxed about me playing in the front yard by recycling pie pans for me to use for my culinary mud pie experience. However, the rule of keeping the door closed in not going back and forth in the house was important. My Grandmother would say in a firm voice, ” You’re either in or you’re out. Stop letting the cool air out!” I thought of that fond memory from a spiritual perspective of when God closes a door for our good, yet we operate from disobedience in going back and forth in opening the doors God has specifically closed for us for his purpose for our lives.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold the new has come. 2 Corinthians 5: 7

” Cool Air”

The precious commodity that my grandmother didn’t want to loose when I ran back and forth in the house was her cool air from her tiny window air conditioner. The air served it’s purpose in cooling down the house keeping the temperature leveled so that we could be safely protected from harsh summer’s heat. The ” cooling air” had value because not only did it keep the home cool, it was connected to the power source of my grandparent’s electrical system. Our lives are precious to God, and he knows the plans that he has for us. When God closes a door it’s not for us to be like disobedient children running back and forth to serve our selfish needs for our plan over his purpose. Our lives have value to God that he will protect in closing a door if he feels that what could enter from the outside or the gifts he placed from the inside will turn us aside from his course. God also wants us to act in wisdom in knowing that joy, hope, focus, happiness, sanctity through him are precious commodities for us to never lose in entertaining open doors that lead us to unrighteousness and things that’s aren’t good for us.

Don’t Question His Love Because of A Closed Door

My grandparents loved me as dearly as mom in helping raise me. There wasn’t a sweeter woman in my life than my Grandmother Minnie. My grandmother sweet demeanor could change in having a firm commanding voice when I acted from disobedience in not doing what I was told in going back and forth with opening her front door. I never questioned her love in her reprimand in knowing it came from protection, care, and wisdom. Never question God’s love for you no matter what door he asks you to close. God loves his children, and we are instructed through his word to follow his path even if it seems we have to let go of things ( or people) we once held dear. There are times where God not only will close the door, but he will shut the windows in wanting us to let go in moving on from a situation. It’s not easy to let go in closing the door of what seemed comfortable, familiar, necessary, obligated, or even what we hoped for. I encourage you to have faith to release what God has closed the door for in your life knowing that what was closed came from love, protection, care, growth, and a divine plan for greater for your life.

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