Carving One On One Time When You’re A Mom with Multiple Children

The limited time in a day with caring for multiple children of different ages seems to lack much flexibility when it comes down to carving out one on one time per child. I'm a mother of four. I can relate to many mothers who have multiple children the challenge in squeezing in individualized quality time… Continue reading Carving One On One Time When You’re A Mom with Multiple Children

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My Story Matters , Even If It’s Just For Myself

I'm a pretty transparent person admittedly. I've openly shared as a writer through my blog for a few years now about different aspects of my life from everyday experiences, motherhood, and more all with the hopes of encouraging others. However, for the first time I felt like the character "Elsa" in the movie Frozen with… Continue reading My Story Matters , Even If It’s Just For Myself


Stay Connected : Tips For Non- Custodial Parents And Joint Custody Parenting

My son and I have always shared a very close relationship. However, when my son transitioned to live with his aw with his father legally within our joint custody arrangement I'm not considered the primary parent. It was a big shift within our relationship from seeing each other everyday to every weekend, but I was… Continue reading Stay Connected : Tips For Non- Custodial Parents And Joint Custody Parenting


Separate But Never Apart : My Story As A Non- Custodial Mom

Every mother's situation is different in regards to making the decision to not be the primary guardian of having her child live full- time in her home. I never thought that I would've made the difficult decision as a mother for our son to live with his father, but it was a decision that actually benefited our son immensely while strengthening our relationship.

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Kicking The Step Out Of Mom With Author Elizabeth Grissett Daniels

Author, Elizabeth Grissett Daniels' book " Kicking the Step Out Of Mom" debunks the stigmas associated with the women in our lives we call stepmoms, and she gives encouraging guidance for women in blending families in how to be loving mothers while navigating as blended families . I had the pleasure to sit down with Elizabeth in sharing her prospective on helpful tips on the subjects of co-parenting peacefully and respectfully with mothers within blended families.

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 Good Parent Vs  Bad Parent : The Unfair Comparison 

     Divorce has away of making people choose a side of who's the better parent in the equation.We spend thousands of dollars on attorneys and court fees in custody battles to prove which parent is more fit in being the primary guardian for the child (ren). I've always felt torn in split expectations, judgments,… Continue reading  Good Parent Vs  Bad Parent : The Unfair Comparison 


 12 Ways to  Co-Parent With Peace

Co-parenting is more common in our society with the growth of blended families. Some parents are able to unite in parenting efforts with no major problems. Many others including myself for a spell found co-parenting challenging at times. High conflict custody battles can be emotionally draining for both parents. Tension between two parents who refuse… Continue reading  12 Ways to  Co-Parent With Peace