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This Little Light Of Mine

I was very shy as a child. My mom would always encourage me to speak up without fear in expressing myself through the gifts she saw in me as a little girl. I will never forget my children's choir director at one church we attended paid me five dollars to say " Ooouuu" in a… Continue reading This Little Light Of Mine

Journeys In Motherhood

Motherhood & Self- Acceptance: Owning Your Journey

My motherhood journey has truly been an experience with growing in self-acceptance. I am finally at a place in owning my identity within my motherhood journey without holding the weight of comparisons, embracing changes despite it's complexities, and offering the gift of grace in every step I take within it's daily occurrences within my family.… Continue reading Motherhood & Self- Acceptance: Owning Your Journey

Journeys In Motherhood, Marriage and Family

The Balancing Of Act Motherhood

Many mothers would agree that we juggle the responsibility of many roles. I stayed at mom with my preemie twins for the earlier part of their lives, and I've since transitioned as a mother working full time outside of the home. The balancing act of motherhood along with the differation of our family dynamics that… Continue reading The Balancing Of Act Motherhood

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The Strength In God Giving Confidence

I could feel my throat getting tight as I held the mic. My heart was pumping out of my chest. It's wasn't just the fact that I had on some stiletto heels that had my knees shaking, but it was the fear of what if I messed this up. I love music, and I've been… Continue reading The Strength In God Giving Confidence