Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Celebrate Your Growth: Recognize Triggers From Your Past

My son did the biggest 180 from being a mischievousness busybody that kept me on my toes from mishaps at school to being a solid honor roll student,evening out his temperament, and he’s always talking about the future in attending college. He discuses often with me in sharing his growth saying, ” Mama, I was such a knuckle head back then.” His growth journey in maturity is amazing to watch in moving forward from what he had outgrown. There will be times where we will be absolutely tempted by triggers to go back to those things that once had us so bound, yet through our personal growth in Christ we can have deliverance.

No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it. 1 Corinthians 10:13

Pressures & Triggers

I’ve been a mentor for over a decade with my mentoring group Daughters Inspiring Virtuous Attributes ( D.I.V.A.) in working with at risk girls in teaching life long skills for personal achievement. Many have went off to college, work in the community, some have gotten scholarships, and social skills improved. There were some sadly couldn’t break away from allowing the torment of what surrounded them control them in staying stagnant in their behavior. I noticed that despite our group sessions or one on one sessions what some of the girls felt inside overshadowed their willingness to break the mentality that was hurting them. I founded the program because I could relate to those same pressures as a teen with having  low self-esteem, a strained home environment, inner city stressors, and peer pressure. My purpose for the group has been to build them up as a silent role model of what God can do in our lives no matter our background. I witnessed some of the toughest girls turn around in improvement, yet there were some girls who were easily triggered by a snide comment from a classmate seeing their positive change who would have us go from a session to sitting in the principal’s office. We prayed before each session, and I still pray for all of those young ladies regardless of what stage they maybe on in their journey. God only has the power to save us as humans, yet we have the responsibility as living disciples to bare witness of his word in treating others kindly in paying it forward.

The Power To Overcome

The power to overcome life’s obstacles can’t be truly manifested without Christ. We will always be tempted by triggers, pressures, and remnants from our past. Anyone who started a weight lost journey will tell you the frustration  of discouraging  comments on their weight progress, or they will be triggered to over indulge on foods they know aren’t healthy.  A former hot head will tell you that they had to learn patience, empathy, and proactive skills verses reactive skills in handling heated moments.  A married couple with children knows the importance of keeping the communication, trust, quality time, and to be respectful in disagreements with love in not repeating mistakes from the past.  Those who co-parent with a toxic ex-spouse will tell you that in delicate moments their ex will push their buttons with hurtful triggers they’ve learned from the relationship’s past  to gain leverage over their former spouse out of spite. Those who fought the inner demons of mental health in being brought out of a dark place know that building effective coping strategies are the first steps in releasing the pain. Everyone fights temptation even Jesus had to fight it. God is right by our side in never allowing us to fight alone in our battles past, present, and future as our Deliver in moving forward towards salvation.

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