Friendship, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Just When You Need It

I am not the fondest of unexpected guests dropping by my home unannounced, but I was pleasantly surprised to have my two best friends to stop by recently one evening when they couldn’t reach me. It’s like God knew not only what I needed, but who I needed in the right moment just to feel the existence of his love.

Journeys In Motherhood

All Love : Celebrating Valentine’s Day With The Kids

Valentine's Day has always been a special day for me since childhood in expression of love. My children are always excited each year with receiving their sweetheart cards from friends at school, having a call from their Grandma, and they don't ask for nothing extravagant from me concerning the holiday. Last year, I shared my… Continue reading All Love : Celebrating Valentine’s Day With The Kids

Being Authentic, Mom Motivation And Empowerment

Finding Your Tribe

    We all have our preferences within social interactions and personalities that we feel more comfortable with. I personally feel discovering your tribe goes way deeper than that of surface connections.  A true mutual connection of a genuine bond goes beyond the depths of human separation of race, religion, gender, and that of social… Continue reading Finding Your Tribe


Coping And Healing From A Friend Breakup In Love

No one enters a friendship with the intentions of it ever dissolving. We have cute little phrases as BFF, homegirl, or even deeper than that we call one another sisters. In reality friendships come and go. We hate to say that, but it's true. We hate to feel the pain of losing someone we once… Continue reading Coping And Healing From A Friend Breakup In Love