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Don’t Fear The Next Level

My son completed his last season of football in closing his last year of middle school. The coach had different plans for my son this year than his familiar position. My son is a very passionate football player, respected by his fellow teammates for his no holds bar playing on defensive despite his size, his coaches admire his dedication, and he prides himself in being a starting player. My son became disenchanted a few months before the season in sharing with me in conversation that his coaches kept switching his position, I shared with him with a mother’s love the best this non football knowledge mom could that it was a reason for all the changes in moving him around at practice because he had already excelled at his usual position, and that his coaches were merely preparing him for the next level. My son later scored his first touchdown at the first game of the season. He couldn’t wait to share how happy he was in sharing in their win with a touchdown in being switched to offensive. Many of us hate changing from our norm in growing comfortable with staying stagnate in not wanting to rock our boats from security, but God has the final say so in being the head coach of our lives in taking us to the next level in the season of his choosing.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

Come One Ma!

It seemed that it was also Mama’s season to step her game up from my usual norm in branching out from comfort zone without fear, comparisons, or ruminating on the past. I changed schools this year in being blessed to teach fine arts in one of the best schools in our county. I’ve taught visual arts, theater, dance, and music appreciation for years in the private sector through contract. I started as a “new teacher” two years ago for the district. I was super nervous however in walking into my new school this year with a little more added to my position of fine arts with the addition to S.T.E.A.M. to my usual arts position. I have always blended the core subjects to my teaching, but I discovered that there was also a huge expectation to manage the small farm that the school had for previous years. This old downtown girl knows nothing about animals, and I know nothing about caring for farm animals. I plan to complete my Master’s in teaching in being more of a professional with my subject in expertise. I was in new arena even though it was with the familiar, but I know this is what I prayed for in asking God to take me to the next level with my career in enlarging my territory, and he did that with more than I expected. Things are going well at my new school, the kids receive my teaching style well, and I’ve gain positive feedback from my some of my peers in welcoming the changes in art around the school. It’s not about the validation in venturing to the next level for me; it’s more important to recognize your season of growth in taking the courage to weather through the growing pains in breaking free from your comfort zone. Let’s not be afraid of the next level as believers in Christ, but let’s show our faith in leveling up.

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