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The Decision To Make Your Day Great

I made the decision in growing in gratitude to make my day great regardless of the circumstances at hand. I was giving the great opportunity and responsibility to not allow events, people, comments, or what may be lingering at home to have power over the blessing of having life each day. The truth is not… Continue reading The Decision To Make Your Day Great

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Who’s The Coach “Rocky” In Your Life? : Movie Night Reflection

It was mother and son date night. I knew that my son would select going to the movies, but he specifically asked to watch the movie Creed II. It was a powerful movie starring actor Michael B. Jordan, and costars Sylvester Stallone the original "Rocky" in the film. Rocky, was famously known as a boxer… Continue reading Who’s The Coach “Rocky” In Your Life? : Movie Night Reflection

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For The Times You Feel Unmotivated : Refocus, Realign, And Rechannel Your Energy

I wish I could tell you everyday I felt pumped, focused, and motivated, but I know I would be telling you a lie. There are not only days, but there will be periods in our lives where we feel less motivated in doing the things we once felt so committed in accomplishing. I've found ways… Continue reading For The Times You Feel Unmotivated : Refocus, Realign, And Rechannel Your Energy

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Kicking The Step Out Of Mom With Author Elizabeth Grissett Daniels

Author, Elizabeth Grissett Daniels' book " Kicking the Step Out Of Mom" debunks the stigmas associated with the women in our lives we call stepmoms, and she gives encouraging guidance for women in blending families in how to be loving mothers while navigating as blended families . I had the pleasure to sit down with Elizabeth in sharing her prospective on helpful tips on the subjects of co-parenting peacefully and respectfully with mothers within blended families.

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She Was Made with Gail Lee Gardner: Mom On The Move

I got a chance to interview and chat with Gail Lee Gardner, the founder of She Was Made. Gail uses her platform to encourage women to live a life full of purpose through determination. She shares "Live" video chats about her own personal life by living the example of what she speaks. She keeps it real, honest, and direct which makes her approach even more welcoming for all women to connect to her message. She's also a single mother of two active boys. We had a chance to share on the topics of living life with purpose, parenting as a single mother, the challenges of dating as a single mother, beauty tips, and more.