Journeys In Motherhood, Self Care

Just For A Moment: The Permission To Rest

I have extra time for myself while the kids are visiting with family for a week. The thing about motherhood is there is literally always something to do. My to-do list is always full. There’s something randomly that needs to be repaired. I love writing, it’s literally like therapy for me, but I have future writing topics that bounce in my head throughout the day. I had it all set for my kid free break to tackle everything needed here at home along with tapping into my creative genius full throttle. I sat down on the couch reflecting on the quietness of the house. The curtains were closed making the livingroom extra cozy, and the pillows were finally where they were supposed to be making the livingroom look plush perfect for a nap. I decided for a moment to release the need to make myself busy just to say I was doing something, I listened to my tired mind, and I felt the weight of a body working overtime. I decided as a mom just for a moment to rest, regroup, recuperate, and restore myself for my rare time alone in not proving anything to myself or anyone else.

Mind, Body, & Spirit

One thing I’ve learned is that your body talks to you when you need to slow down. Your body talks to you when you need to slow down your thoughts from worries, stressors, and pressures. Your soul cries out when it needs a good comforting word to replenish your spirit. Family life as a working single parent definitely was taking a toll on me with everyone being home for a couple months. The school year is unpredictable for me as a teacher and a parent. My special needs daughter has had more meltdowns in trying to cope with not having her norm. I am doing my best to provide my children with a schedule that will keep them learning, entertained, and feed. My divorce finalized during the pandemic crisis, yet there are so many logistics that makes it feels never ending with far reaching challenges that overwhelm me. I’ve worked from home as an educator along with having the blessing of having a boom of virtual speaking engagements since the pandemic. I’ve also done my best to keep my content updated and current. My body started to react on going nonstop with fatigue, menstrual irregularity, numbness, and lack of concentration.

Rest Ma

We glorify busyiness more in society. Mom influencers on social media know the responsibility in keeping various content posted daily with being in know with tailoring it with the latest trends. There is always something to clean, fold, and prepare at home. Many of us as moms don’t give ourselves permission to rest unless it’s a holiday like Mother’s Day, sickness, or injury. The truth is we don’t need permission from anyone to rest. We should schedule resting in our day like we schedule everything on our to-do lists. I decided after an initial planned quick nap that lasted to a full deep day of sleep to take the opportunity to add rest in the schedule. It’s not lazy to rest. Self-care has nothing to do with aesthetics. Resting is all about replenishing your spirit in taking care of yourself so that we as moms can take care of those who depend on us the most. Resting isn’t just about sleeping it’s also about doing things that put a smile on your face in doing things that you enjoy. I’ve enjoyed alone time, have personal Netflix & chills nights, shared time with dear loved ones, worked out at gym, and took quiet strolls on the lake. I’m resting, and pray you learn to rest to Ma.šŸ’‹

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