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We’re Going To The Beach! : Growing In Patience

I reminisce often about a paper my daughter wrote a few years back desperately wanting to visit the beach. She shared in her paper that if she could go anywhere in the world it would be seaside with her toes in the sand. She could hardly wait to the point that her anxiousness lead to hopelessness in thinking she would never see the pristine waves of the ocean. We can grow weary in feeling like all hope is lost when we don’t see things in clear vision of our prayers. The moments that tests our patience highlights our growth areas of need within our faith in trusting the Lord in walking by faith and not by sight.

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

I remember my children being so giddy in that moment as if it was yesterday in sharing with the kids that we were heading to the beach that weekend. We were homeschooling at the time in heading to our spring break session. The kids had no clue that all along I was planning our short trip listening to their hints for a vacation out of the city for a few weeks. The four of them were so excited, but no one was more excited than Paige. My daughter was only seven at the time, she became puzzled the morning of the trip in questioning if we were going to the beach. She saw everything packed ready to go, but she didn’t see the beach. She saw us all pack in our trusty old mini van, but she didn’t see the beach. She saw us taking the long 3 hour ride to the first half of our Carolina coastal tour, but there was no beach in sight in her eyes. Her big brown eyes started to look worried. She said, “Mommy are we going to the beach , I don’t see it anywhere? ” I’ve learned in growing in my faith personally that all along God hears our prayers said while simultaneously observing what we need. There are times we may desire for something to happen immediately in the moment, yet our Savior can foresee the best timing for his plans to be greater beyond our mere view in prospective.

We can apply the anxiousness of a young child in our faith walk in learning about patience. It’s important for us to stay steadfast in our faith even when things look bleak as if it’s not ever going to happen. I could list so many situations that looked so astronomical in ever manifesting in fruition that through God’s grace I was granted in mercy. We may not see what’s coming, but it doesn’t mean that God is not working on our behalf in aligning things within the purpose of His perfect timing. Wait patiently on the Lord knowing he’s working on our behalf. He will supply everything we need for our journey.

Has there ever been a particular situation that tested your patience, yet it worked better within the Lord’s timing? Share in the comments.

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