Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Rest, Come, and Connect With Me: Strengthening Your Prayer Life

A little drifter came in my bedroom for one on one while her siblings were still asleep in their beds. She just wanted to connect undisturbed, and I could feel while she was in my arms a release from morning anxiousness. There is an immediate urge within our spirits when find ourselves going too far along without connecting to God as our power source wholeheartedly.

John 15:5

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

I found myself after my daughter settled down venturing off to my prayer room near by which if now half of the twins’ closet to have a needed release from a few things I was carrying on my heart and mind. I missed my old corner that had posted on the wall written prayers, pictures of those who I had prayed for specifically, and inspirational books that kept me encouraged. I would enter my war room twice or more a day for reflection, yet now I found myself entering it just in organizing in putting up the laundry along with ton of natural hair supplies. I missed having that undisturbed time of peaceful connection in prayer just to talk to God. Don’t get me wrong I still pray daily in various times, but it wasn’t the same as taking the initiative to grow intentionally within my prayer life as I once did before.

Thankfully, when our hearts cry out to God although our mouths are silent he hears us. It’s hard to miss what’s always been there, it just we miss the intimacy of the one on one time of building a godly connection with Christ that nothing greater no matter how hard we try can suffice in love. I cried in my prayer room, but I didn’t cry out of sadness. The tears fell from my eyes in worship, praise, and gratefulness of the Lord’s mercy in still covering me in never turning away although I was allowing every distractions in the world to take over precedence than strengthening my relationship with him. There is no earthly human bond in connection that could last in development in being so neglectful. What a humbling moment in now this disorganized prayer room of understanding the Lord’s grace? We not only serve Christ who died for our sins, but we serve a Savior that doesn’t count us out due to a social timeline in check-ins, yet he says, ” Welcome back my child.” My prayer was warming back to the war room of purpose.

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