Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Stop Hiding : The Enemy’s Tool of Isolation

I’m sure many moms would agree to needing a little alone time to gather their bearings. I’m all for alone time in admitting that the ambivert in me can use an interaction break occasionally, but there is a big difference in totally isolating yourself in an attempt to recluse. Isolation is a strategic tactic that the devil uses to have us ball up into hiding when we feel ashamed, defeated attacked, and scared. We must hold true in understanding the depths of God’s mercy knowing nothing can separate us from his love.

Isolation Mode

  • Not doing the things you once enjoyed
  • Distancing yourself from family and friends
  • Dramatically cutting yourself off from the world.
  • Creating unnecessary distractions in busyness
  • Diminishing your prayer life
  • Rejecting the word of God through study and reflection.
  • Sleeping more as away to cope from depression

Thanks Girl!

I had a very close friend that I am privileged to work with this year at my new school. She knows me personally in being there for me in many sensitive moments in my life. She told me in the most honest sister girl tone,” Girl, you need to come out of hiding!” I found myself since my divorce taking more of a seat back. I found myself taking more social media sabbaticals to disconnect from remnants of my past life. I begin to shutdown both professionally and personally in wanting to disappear to hide. There’s gut wreaching reality of exposing things, situations, and people when you go through a divorce that can make you want to retreat. My friend called me out in taking flight mode in giving me some encouragement to be myself in not losing it to the situation.

The enemy uses the following tactics to keep us away from Christ:

  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Isolation
  • Deception
  • Self- Reliance
  • Busyness
  • Comparisons
  • Distractions

Connect With The Ultimate Friend
I feel so blessed to have a friend to love me so much that she wasn’t afraid to speak up in seeing I wasn’t myself. I felt comforted by my sister in Christ after our conversation rather than broken down by her observation of the change in my behavior. We have a friend in God too. We are worthy to be loved according to Christ. He shared his love in giving up his life for us on the cross with the blood that was shed. God keeps no records of our wrongs, and he grants us grace with each day. Many us have experienced conditional love based upon how we perform, what we produce, and who we are connected with. God doesn’t show love based on earthly measures, but he shows love because we were first created in him. I am slowly getting my mojo back in being myself in welcoming God’s love in never going back into cave.

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