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Homeschooling Inspiration with Nike Anderson of The Homeschool Genius

Homeschooling has grown in recent years especially in diversity with African American families. Nike Anderson is the founder of The Homeschool Genius which provides insight from her personal experience as a homeschooling mom, a wealth of resources for homeschooling families, and helpful tips for families new to starting their homeschooling journey. Nike provides sound wisdom to help families grow in confidence in home education. Nike is a six year homeschooling veteran that shares through her platform inspiration to mothers in homeschooling her two sons the motivation to fearlessly own their roles in being their children’s first teacher in embracing homeschooling life.

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I had the pleasure to interview Nike in allowing her to share more about her passion as a homeschooling mom along with learning more about The Homeschooling Genius.

P.F.M. What inspired you to homeschool your children?

N.A. : There are essentially four reasons that my husband and I decided to homeschool. One, we weren’t taking any chances knowing the unequal treatment black boys face in the education system. Two, we wanted to implement a more holistic approach to education. Three, we wanted to cater to our children’s learning style. Four, we wanted to ensure a healthy environment conducive to learning and self-development.

P.F.M. What are the benefits to homeschooling from your perspective?

N.A. : Some of the benefits we’ve experienced as homeschoolers are tailored education, freedom of pace, making learning a lifestyle, and experiencing a stronger family bond. Additionally, an extra fun benefit is being able to visit zoos, parks, museums, and other fun family places during low-traffic days and hours.

P.F.M. What are the biggest misconceptions to being a homeschooling family and a homeschooling mom in your opinion?

N.A. : Lack of socialization is a huge misconception to being a homeschooling family. My boys have met life-long friends through our homeschooling group that they get to experience field trips, play dates, and adventures with. They also get to play sports and take extra-curricular classes with other children through our local cooperative. Many homeschool groups hold proms, back-to-homeschool parties, holiday events, field days, graduations, and so forth. Homeschooling parents as a collective do a great job of ensuring their children are given enriching social opportunities.

To answer the second half of that question, as a homeschooling mom, I would say people assume I’m super judgmental toward people who don’t homeschool but I’m actually supportive of parents doing what they feel is best for their family no matter the educational path. We’re not all on the same journey and that’s okay.

P.F.M What are some common mistakes new homeschooling families make?

N.A. : There are three common mistakes new homeschooling families make. One, trying to replicate public school at home. Two, not having a vision plan for home education. Three, comparing their children and/or homeschooling journey to others.

P.F.M. How did Homeschool Genius come about, and what is your purpose behind it?

N.A. : The Homeschool Genius was an unplanned rebranding of a smaller lifestyle blog that I had for years. In January 2020, I kept hearing the words “homeschool genius” and I decided to write the name down, along with the vision that was essentially to help families foster a healthy, unique, and motivating homeschool journey that is centered on wisdom. I never planned to rebrand, but I knew that day that I had found the niche I was struggling to define for many years. It just so happened that two months later the world experienced a pandemic that thrusted just about every parent into schooling at home—which prompted many parents to resister to homeschool. The timing was impeccable.

Nike Anderson Founder of the Homeschool Genius

Check out my recent podcast interview with Nike Anderson by clicking the link and follow her blog https://thehomeschoolgenius.com/#

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