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The Gift Of Goodbye

The journey of life will bring about many connections in relationships. There will be some relationships that will last a lifetime, but there will be other relationships in which God will deem that have ran their course. The "gift of goodbye" allows you to take in each encounter as a blessing or lesson from God… Continue reading The Gift Of Goodbye

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My Sister’s Keeper : A Sibling Connection Beyond Autism

Our twin daughters may have a slight difference in appearance due to being fraternal, but they've never allowed any of their differences to separate them in connecting close as sisters. One of the best lessons we've learned as a family in communicating effectively with our autistic daughter, Paris is through observation of the relationship she… Continue reading My Sister’s Keeper : A Sibling Connection Beyond Autism

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Defying The Odds Of Autism with Cre Stokes

It's essential for parents of autistic children to connect with other parents with similar stories who can be of support, a listening ear without judgement, and be of encouragement. I found that in meeting Cre Stokes, who is a fellow autism mom. She was inspired by a photo shoot with her daughter Harmony to organize… Continue reading Defying The Odds Of Autism with Cre Stokes

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“Mama, Can You Push Me? “

Our new playground in the backyard is a hit for the kids. It motivates them to put their tablets down, go outside, and play. It's especially a hit for the twins. They are small enough to enjoy it swinging without putting the fear of life in us as parents like our eldest two in making… Continue reading “Mama, Can You Push Me? “

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Don’t Burst Your Bubble: The Other Side Of Bubbly Personalities

Bubbly personalities have an intriguing appeal to most in being friendly, perky, contagiously happy, and very optimistic. I've been told that I have a bubbly personality, for which I take as a compliment. There's another side in having a bubbly personality that can feel daunting in perception with accommodating everyone else's behavioral needs, expectations, and… Continue reading Don’t Burst Your Bubble: The Other Side Of Bubbly Personalities

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Family Movie Review: Black Panther

Family movie night is a special treat in our home. Movie night is a break from our norm to take a virtual escape to places unknown while munching popcorn. We decided to check out the latest movie "must see" Black Panther to enjoy as a family, connect in some quality time after a busy week,… Continue reading Family Movie Review: Black Panther

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Tough Love : You Can’t Fake Self- Love & Confidence

There are somethings in life that you can't fake it until you make it and confidence within truly loving yourself is one them. I truly feel that confident parents who have a true understanding of God's calling for their lives and who are secure with themselves raise children who in turn are the same. I… Continue reading Tough Love : You Can’t Fake Self- Love & Confidence