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Finding Safety Amongst Women in Sisterhood

There are many women who have never found the safety in women friendships along with other female relationships in experiencing heartache, or what could be best described as disappointment in choosing to keep their distance in not wanting to entertain many women in company. There’s a tremendous empowerment amidst women that occurs within our spirits, our families, and in our communities when come together in a united bond of closeness that the enemy is against in being sure that he acts within our own inner demons in keeping us apart.

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Just When You Need It

I am not the fondest of unexpected guests dropping by my home unannounced, but I was pleasantly surprised to have my two best friends to stop by recently one evening when they couldn’t reach me. It’s like God knew not only what I needed, but who I needed in the right moment just to feel the existence of his love.

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Mom Talks : The Balance of Compassion, Protection, and Wisdom

We've all been there as moms where we desperately needed to share some mommy woes in getting a few things off our chest. There are times were we as moms need to vent. There are other times we need a shoulder to cry on as mothers. There are times we need assurance in the midst of daily motherhood confusion. Mom talks with a dear friend who joins you in the trenches of mom life can be refueling. Mom talks in disclosures along with being reciprocal as the listening ear as a friend are to be held beloved with compassion, protection, and wisdom.

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Sisterhood Friendships & Their Beautiful Distinction

I don't have any biological sisters, but there are women in my life that are dear to me as if we were connected as sisters.I think through life lessons as we meet people we learn how to decipher a clear distinction of closeness of organic friendships that leave a lasting impression. I've had conversations, interviews,… Continue reading Sisterhood Friendships & Their Beautiful Distinction

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My Sister’s Keeper: Sis, I’m Here

One of my dearest friends asked if it would be okay to get my girls for a visit to give me a little time to myself. I knew she had her own brood of four kiddos under the age of six herself, and I hesitated in not wanting to be a burden. We sat in… Continue reading My Sister’s Keeper: Sis, I’m Here

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What About Our Strong Friend?

The strong friend is the go to person when you need advice, prayer, a pick me up, and just being around their energy gives us a sense of comfort. We can subconsciously place our friends or loved ones into subcategories to best fit our needs based on our admiration. We view those friends as the… Continue reading What About Our Strong Friend?

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7 Subtle Ways We Ruin Relationships

Most know the obvious ways relationships that are romantic, friendship, or other can be damaged with no end of return. However, there a few subtle ways we ruin the prospect in establishing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships that are eye openers to recognize to prevent doomed sabotage. Let's be real, honest, and take some ownership… Continue reading 7 Subtle Ways We Ruin Relationships

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The Other New Year: My After 30 Vibe

I shared the blessing in celebrating another year on earth recently. There was something totally different I felt in my core about this birthday that was a different sort of vibe than I've ever felt in welcoming another year here on earth. I think it was a mixture of emotions that we all have experienced… Continue reading The Other New Year: My After 30 Vibe

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Odd Mom Out

Motherhood can be a bit tricky when it comes down to building relationships due the the juggling act of our many responsibilities, family dynamics, our children's personalities, and not to mention our own makeup in disposition. In truth, not every mom fits into the stock image of the motherhood girlfriend subgroups. We find ourselves identifying… Continue reading Odd Mom Out

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My Sister’s Keeper : A Sibling Connection Beyond Autism

Our twin daughters may have a slight difference in appearance due to being fraternal, but they've never allowed any of their differences to separate them in connecting close as sisters. One of the best lessons we've learned as a family in communicating effectively with our autistic daughter, Paris is through observation of the relationship she… Continue reading My Sister’s Keeper : A Sibling Connection Beyond Autism

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Women IN Purpose : Soul Sisters Of Service

I have always admired women who were privileged to connect in sharing a vision of service through partnership."Women who empower women," is not just a catch phrase it's the life's work within the mission of  Jennie Walker and Patrice Canty's purpose for Women IN Purpose.

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The Friendship Lifeline with Erica Grant

There's a time in our lives where we begin to evaluate our friendships. We begin to take an account of our relationships in seeing the truth of what they are. We also in this stage begin to take a self -assessment of who we are when it comes down to extending the bond of friendship.… Continue reading The Friendship Lifeline with Erica Grant

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Just A Couple Of Friends: Couple Friendships

Most couples will agree that it's not easy to find a set of couple friends that you simply gel with . Sometimes the two women are very good friends, and the men are left to stare at the wall. Sometimes the two men are the best of buddies, yet there is some awkward tension between the… Continue reading Just A Couple Of Friends: Couple Friendships

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The Beautiful Complexity of Friendship in Motherhood 

The ability to have friends and maintaining healthy friendships doesn't stop after we become mothers. There will be obvious changes in the various transitions throughout our motherhood journey for first time moms,those of us who are in the trenches with young active kiddos, and those of us who are mature moms with teens and young… Continue reading The Beautiful Complexity of Friendship in Motherhood 


Coping And Healing From A Friend Breakup In Love

No one enters a friendship with the intentions of it ever dissolving. We have cute little phrases as BFF, homegirl, or even deeper than that we call one another sisters. In reality friendships come and go. We hate to say that, but it's true. We hate to feel the pain of losing someone we once… Continue reading Coping And Healing From A Friend Breakup In Love


Be The Difference: I Am Sister’s Keeper

     I don't why we're so hard on ourselves as women, but we're even harder on one another with unrealistic expectations of perfection. We're all a work in progress. Yes,  even the celebrities and leaders that we hold in high regard in our culture and society are a work in progress. In other words,… Continue reading Be The Difference: I Am Sister’s Keeper