Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Guard Your Heart

Each one of us has a unique story along with having various other details about our personal lives that we have a choice to disclose. Depending on our personalities and preferences some of us are more transparent naturally in sharing with others. I am for the most part an open person, but I have learned that even in openness that we should guard our hearts in protecting our stories in journey.

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Name Calling : Remember You’re A Child Of God

The immaturity of name calling is loosely associated with the behavior of children on the playground. I recall my adolescent years in middle school where there would be neighborhood jiving contests in which the most hilarious blow towards another person would bring upon an eruption of loud " Ooh ooh" from those of us surrounding… Continue reading Name Calling : Remember You’re A Child Of God

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Finish What You Started :Come Back Home :

My intentions were extended from a short break to a few months in a longer hiatus in seeing how quickly things can plie up in ongoing mundane tasks, distractions, family urgencies, and later excuses. There may times when we feel like we've fell to far off the wagon to a place of no return, but we thankfully serve a loving God who says it's never to late to come back home in finishing what he manifested in us to do.

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Rest, Come, and Connect With Me: Strengthening Your Prayer Life

I awoke this morning to discover a little 7 year old drifter coming in my bedroom for one on one while her siblings were still asleep in their beds. She just wanted to connect undisturbed, and I could feel while she was in my arms a release from morning  anxiousness. There is an immediate urge within our spirits when find ourselves going too far along without connecting to God as our power source wholeheartedly. 

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Trusting God: Thanks For Looking Out

I reflect sometimes from days growing up from the guidance, instruction, and occasional discipline giving to me by my parents and grandparents thinking how although at the time I sulked in being in my feelings that they were actually looking out for me. My children give me the same facial impressions I gave my parents… Continue reading Trusting God: Thanks For Looking Out

Mom Motivation And Empowerment

6 Things I’m Taking Into The New Year

We can all agree that 2020 was a beast to get through in a year personally, and it impacted our families with added stressors as moms. I had some hits and misses from last year. I'm an under forty divorced mom of four that has lived through 9-11, Katrina, 2 economic crashes, and a global… Continue reading 6 Things I’m Taking Into The New Year

Friendship, Journeys In Motherhood

Mom Talks : The Balance of Compassion, Protection, and Wisdom

We've all been there as moms where we desperately needed to share some mommy woes in getting a few things off our chest. There are times were we as moms need to vent. There are other times we need a shoulder to cry on as mothers. There are times we need assurance in the midst of daily motherhood confusion. Mom talks with a dear friend who joins you in the trenches of mom life can be refueling. Mom talks in disclosures along with being reciprocal as the listening ear as a friend are to be held beloved with compassion, protection, and wisdom.

Journeys In Motherhood, Self Care

Just For A Moment: The Permission To Rest

I have extra time for myself while the kids are visiting with family for a week. The thing about motherhood is there is literally always something to do. My to-do list is always full. There's something randomly that needs to be repaired. I love writing, it's literally like therapy for me, but I have future… Continue reading Just For A Moment: The Permission To Rest

Journeys In Motherhood

” Mama, I Want To Wear My Fro” : My Daughter’s Natural Beauty Self- Acceptance

My daughter has chosen to wear her beautiful afro in the last year proudly, and I couldn't be more happier as her mom to see her love her natural hair in all it's glory. We've came a long way in sharing together in growing her confidence in walking in self-acceptance in owning who she is… Continue reading ” Mama, I Want To Wear My Fro” : My Daughter’s Natural Beauty Self- Acceptance

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

You Asked For It: Be Careful What You Pray For

I would consider my children grateful; they don't ask for much. They have occasional moments like all children though when they've asked for a particular toy, a large helping at dinner time, or ask to go somewhere, but after they've asked for it they seem disenchanted in taking what they asked for granted. Many times… Continue reading You Asked For It: Be Careful What You Pray For

Journeys In Motherhood, Mom Motivation And Empowerment

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That! : Motherhood Approaching 40 or Older

I can't believe it! I'm only three years to forty. It's amazing how much life can flip in almost a decade in how our lives change drastically, our mindset matures, and what mattered so much in our early adulthood has became void in focusing on. I shared a moment with one of my closest friends… Continue reading Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That! : Motherhood Approaching 40 or Older

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Trusting God When Life Seems Unfair

It's not a week that goes by as a mother when I don't hear one of my children mutter the words " That's not fair." My students will openly share with their classmates, and they will share whole group in class about situations that they deem as unfair passionately with fellow peers nodding in agreement.… Continue reading Trusting God When Life Seems Unfair