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Dear Mama

Dear Mama, Our relationship has been extra special because I'm your only daughter. We've shared a bond deeper than just mother and daughter, and dare I say it we're at times close as friends. I've grown in a deeper understanding of some of the things you did in raising my brothers and I in doing… Continue reading Dear Mama

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You’re A Good Mom

The "perfect mother have you seen her? Have you met her? I use to search for her desperately inside of me until I let go of the notion in owing my personal motherhood journey. I let go of the idea of being the perfect mom. I dropped the notion of feeling like the bad mom… Continue reading You’re A Good Mom

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I Won’t Complain

Every homeowner knows that following the joy of closing on your new beautiful home awaits the biggest responsibility of home repairs and maintenance. I had three major repairs that hit spontaneously in one week of our home of nearly eight years, and I learned a major lesson in gratitude during my series of weekly repairs… Continue reading I Won’t Complain

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“Mama, Can You Push Me? “

Our new playground in the backyard is a hit for the kids. It motivates them to put their tablets down, go outside, and play. It's especially a hit for the twins. They are small enough to enjoy it swinging without putting the fear of life in us as parents like our eldest two in making… Continue reading “Mama, Can You Push Me? “