Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Finish What You Started :Come Back Home :

I made the decision to take sometime from writing in spring to get acclimated to my new grad school program. My intentions were extended from a short break to a few months in a longer hiatus in seeing how quickly things can plie up in ongoing mundane tasks, distractions, family urgencies, and later excuses. There may times when we feel like we’ve fell to far off the wagon to a place of no return, but we thankfully serve a loving God who says it’s never to late to come back home in finishing what he manifested in us to do.

35 So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. 36 You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. Hebrews 10:35-36

I’ve always been passionate about writing since a little first grader with short pigtails. Writing has always been bigger to me than a mere commercialize platform, writing for me is an open diary of my life through personal ministry. I stayed active on my social media platforms with content, but it wasn’t the same in sharing my weekly thoughts. I am featured as a guest contributor for respected sites , yet I longed for the connection that I’ve shared with my personal blog. My speaking engagements continued fully throughout COVID virtually and some in- person, but I knew deep down my inner spark had changed from where I initially started in becoming a writer five years back.

I watched in support many of my blog sisters and influencers continue on their path, adopting the latest creative trends, growing in audience, and all the while I felt stagnated in what felt like a permanent fog. I became discouraged which lead to less motivation in pursuing what I felt was my calling. I felt ever more distracted with my piling load as a divorced single mom of four (while now raising a bonus teenage nephew), distant co-parenting arrangements, school assignments, work overload, and navigating life through living through a pandemic. I had no clue if I was in a writer’s block or the end of what many may think of as a creative hobby.

It hit me,” Sis, don’t make it complicated, just pick up where you left off.” Those of us who are natural overthinkers tend to be overly analytical. Pauses aren’t necessary bad, sometimes they are needed, but if there’s this deep down a nag at you to finish what you’ve started than walk in obedience. Let’s not obsesses if we’re good enough. Let’s not magnify criticism in striving for perfectionism. Let’s change our focus from those who don’t support us to those that love us in supporting us. Nothing can separate you from God, his love, salvation, and his destined purpose for your life. Finish what was started in you, and as we say down south come on back home.

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