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10 Steps In Nurturing Your Child’s Mental Health

Our children's mental health needs and concerns are as equally important in cultivating, caring, protecting, and supporting as any other area in their lives. Parents and guardians shouldn't put to the back burner the importance of mental health regarding their children to that of academics, physical fitness, and spiritual understanding. Mental health matters when it… Continue reading 10 Steps In Nurturing Your Child’s Mental Health

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 Words Hurt & They Last: Covering Our Words Toward Our Children  

Our words hurt and our tone matters in what we say and how we say it with our children.

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Family First : 6 Tips For Busy Families

My grandmother shared with me that years ago the words "busy" and "family" would've never been used within the same sentence. My mother would chime in to say," Well these are different times!" My have times changed with many families struggling to find balance in caring, providing, and maintaining to the best of their abilities… Continue reading Family First : 6 Tips For Busy Families

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“Mama, Can You Push Me? “

Our new playground in the backyard is a hit for the kids. It motivates them to put their tablets down, go outside, and play. It's especially a hit for the twins. They are small enough to enjoy it swinging without putting the fear of life in us as parents like our eldest two in making… Continue reading “Mama, Can You Push Me? “

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Family Movie Review: Black Panther

Family movie night is a special treat in our home. Movie night is a break from our norm to take a virtual escape to places unknown while munching popcorn. We decided to check out the latest movie "must see" Black Panther to enjoy as a family, connect in some quality time after a busy week,… Continue reading Family Movie Review: Black Panther

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Was It Just A Spill ?

 The power of projection of what we show in communicating with our children can have adverse effects of loving guidance when we lash out in simple mishaps from deep rooted frustration from other issues of concerns towards them.Children should never be forced to carry the load of our heavy burdens while still trying to discover the world themselves.

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Family Review : The Painted Lady Bed And Breakfast

  My family and I shared our first experience breaking away from the usual chain hotel routine, and we discovered a lovely bed and breakfast in our local city. The Painted Lady Bed & Breakfast located in Augusta, Georgia has all the comforts of home, the elegance of the Victorian era, great hospitality, and an elective flair filled with southern charm.