Spiritual Growth and Understanding

You Asked For It: Be Careful What You Pray For

I would consider my children grateful; they don’t ask for much. They have occasional moments like all children though when they’ve asked for a particular toy, a large helping at dinner time, or ask to go somewhere, but after they’ve asked for it they seem disenchanted in taking what they asked for granted. Many times we ask God for things as eagar children anticipating the results of our prayers, hopes, and desires of the heart, but like young children we to become ungrateful of what we initially thought we wanted after it’s given taking more things for granted.

Are You For Real?

My twin daughter asked for a doll desperately for months for Christmas, yet I saw the she barely played with the doll in the midst of all the other shining toys she’d unwrapped. I always ask my children to make sure they are for real with what they want in asking for something before receiving it. I make my children aware that just because they may see other things around them that stand out in appearance, popularity among their peers, more expensive, and that are bigger to not look at what they originally asked for in not being good enough in comparison. We can’t look at the Lord’s blessings that we’ve prayed for like items from a retailer that we nonchalantly pout about like immature children of the spirit when things don’t come the way we want. We can’t look at God and his desire to make provisions in our lives childishly in not being wise in our prayers, being sincere in our intentions, and we are to make sure we request prayerfully his will for our lives. We should never be afraid to kneel to the Lord in prayer in making our requests known, but we should come to the God earnestly with the desires of our heart knowing that his will comes before our own.

Ask, Seek, Knock & Be Ready

The scripture verse of Matthew 7 :7 tells us how to come to the Lord. It makes it clear that we have permission from God to come to him with what we want without rejection. My mom always says,” Be careful for what you pray for” in letting us know that we must be ready for what we ask for in being able to handle the outcome. I prayed for a stable teaching position, and I recieved it, but I am also responsible for holding my part of the position in getting certain credentials along with following through with the position’s requirements from the school board daily in my classroom. I prayed for a home, and I have a lovely home, yet I’m aware that being a homeowner means taking care of the needed home repairs. If I prayed to be a mother; I know that raising children takes love along with many other responsibilities to ensure the best in my children’s wellbeing as a mother. Many pray for God to send them the love of their life to marry, but there are so many factors that you have to look for within yourself along with the other person to consider in receiving the love of your life in being ready for. We may pray for godly friendships, but we have to make sure our prayers for those godly friendships match our character. If we pray for God to reveal something to us, we can’t sulk when he reveals the answers of what we asked for. We should never hesitate coming to the Lord in prayer, but we should also be ready for when he answers.

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