Spiritual Growth and Understanding

The Lord Is Certain: A Consistent Love In A Fickled World

I’m a mom with a preteen daughter and a teenage son in the house. We together try to grasp their ever changing hormones and mood swings as they grow into becoming their own. There are days as a mom I have whiplash from adjusting to my teens’ fickleness in their attitude. Motherhood can be fickled. I have my good days in everything being just about accomplished off my to do list, days I’m fighting to stay afloat with laundry, days the family’s having a kumbaya moment, and days I’m breaking up sibling spats. I’ve tuned down my sensitivity in nature in being a mom infuencer with my blog to not be offended when followers drop, subscribers unsubscribe, and someone feels the need to unlike my Facebook page in not taking it personal. I can tell you in living in the south that the weather is fickled especially in the winter in not knowing if one day it’s going to be hot or cold. The world is ever changing but the Lord stays the same. When the world feels uncertain, unstable, and unloving we should seek even more in developing a relationship with our Heavenly Father who remains the same.

The truth is people are ever changing with moods, interests, and partialites. My daughter shared fondly her favorite color was pink for years to anyone who asked, but now she cringes at anything pink as if its contagious.We as humans naturally can switch up from one thing to another in ease. People can love you today, yet they can part ways with you tomorrow. Many of us can relate to experiencing a hurtful switch up from a connection with someone we thought would be there that left a deep wound to heal. My kiddos can see me as their darling mother one minute, yet when I reprimand them I can feel them see me for a brief moment as a parental annoyance. Such is life. I’ve learned after years of internalizing fickleness with from others to humble myself in not taking everything so personal which has giving more peace, compassion, and to learn that sometimes it’s not all about me when it comes down to other people’s actions. Christ knew we were fickled, yet he loved us so much he gave his life on the cross. Despite the unconditional love of Christ there are many people who are fickled in being lukewarm of his existence from worldly theology. The Lord is faithfully consistent in his love, his word, and his promises to us in a fickled world. That’s one thing we can trust in never switching up. Be blessed beautiful people. 💋

Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. Psalms 25:5

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