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Learning How To Be Good To Yourself

How good are you to yourself? Is taking care of yourself selfish? Sometimes as women and moms we can feel a little guilty when putting our needs first before others in feeling like it's a self-absorbed act. I'm slowly recognizing how equally important it is to devote care to being good to myself as it… Continue reading Learning How To Be Good To Yourself

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Allowing Our Children To Help Isn’t An Inconvenience

Every perfectionist or do it all by themselves mom will admit that we occasionally have a cringe moment when our children attempt to jump in to lend a helping hand. It's not like we don't want our children to help out, but our stubbornness in having things specifically our way can sometimes get the best… Continue reading Allowing Our Children To Help Isn’t An Inconvenience

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The Balancing Of Act Motherhood

Many mothers would agree that we juggle the responsibility of many roles. I stayed at mom with my preemie twins for the earlier part of their lives, and I've since transitioned as a mother working full time outside of the home. The balancing act of motherhood along with the differation of our family dynamics that… Continue reading The Balancing Of Act Motherhood

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Mom’s Day Out!: What Do I Do?

Motherhood can be pretty tricky for moms in carving some much needed alone time that has nothing to do with prepping and cleaning from the usual norm. I was in desperate need of some alone time after sharing myself with four busy kiddos, and as being a teacher of active middle schoolers. I found myself… Continue reading Mom’s Day Out!: What Do I Do?

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“Mama, Can You Push Me? “

Our new playground in the backyard is a hit for the kids. It motivates them to put their tablets down, go outside, and play. It's especially a hit for the twins. They are small enough to enjoy it swinging without putting the fear of life in us as parents like our eldest two in making… Continue reading “Mama, Can You Push Me? “