Being Authentic, Friendship

What About Our Strong Friend?

The strong friend is the go to person when you need advice, prayer, a pick me up, and just being around their energy gives us a sense of comfort. We can subconsciously place our friends or loved ones into subcategories to best fit our needs based on our admiration. We view those friends as the… Continue reading What About Our Strong Friend?

Autism Support & Awareness, Friendship

My Sister’s Keeper : A Sibling Connection Beyond Autism

Our twin daughters may have a slight difference in appearance due to being fraternal, but they've never allowed any of their differences to separate them in connecting close as sisters. One of the best lessons we've learned as a family in communicating effectively with our autistic daughter, Paris is through observation of the relationship she… Continue reading My Sister’s Keeper : A Sibling Connection Beyond Autism

Mom Motivation And Empowerment, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Our Gifts Are Not Our Own

Tammy was listening in pure amazement of hearing her daughter singing a gospel song doing riffs. She knew she was singing with all of her heart in praise. She had a flashback of herself singing as a teen in church holding the microphone pouring out her gift of song, but she walked away years ago… Continue reading Our Gifts Are Not Our Own