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7 Subtle Ways We Ruin Relationships

Most know the obvious ways relationships that are romantic, friendship, or other can be damaged with no end of return. However, there a few subtle ways we ruin the prospect in establishing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships that are eye openers to recognize to prevent doomed sabotage. Let's be real, honest, and take some ownership… Continue reading 7 Subtle Ways We Ruin Relationships

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 The Red Flags Of Heartbreaking Friendships

In truth, many of us have been there where we initially connected with someone in the hopes of establishing a true friendship that ended badly. This seems to be very common amongst women. The friendship chemistry seemed instantaneous as if our hearts shouted,"Where have you been all my life?"Later, we find ourselves disappointed in hurt… Continue reading  The Red Flags Of Heartbreaking Friendships

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Finding Your Tribe

    We all have our preferences within social interactions and personalities that we feel more comfortable with. I personally feel discovering your tribe goes way deeper than that of surface connections.  A true mutual connection of a genuine bond goes beyond the depths of human separation of race, religion, gender, and that of social… Continue reading Finding Your Tribe