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Sisterhood Friendships & Their Beautiful Distinction

I don’t have any biological sisters, but there are women in my life that are dear to me as if we were connected as sisters.I think through life lessons as we meet people we learn how to decipher a clear distinction of closeness of organic friendships that leave a lasting impression. I’ve had conversations, interviews, and watched idly in admiration women share fond friendships with women in their lives that they weren’t related with ,yet they consider those women as sisters. Unfortunately, our impression of friendships among women in growing into sisterhood has been tainted by negative experiences from broken friendships gone wrong, betrayals, toxic connections, and bad reality shows. I can say even through trial and error sisterhood friendships exist. There’s something special about the bond of friendship that grows into sisterhood, and there are equally precious reasons of why we hold those friendships in high regard.

” Hey Girl!”

I have moments as a mom where I desperately seek grown up conversation with my sister girlfriends. It’s in those precious moments in talking to my sisters that I’m able to escape from my norm as a mom in talking about life in a different perspective as a woman. My friend and I recently shared a failed beach trip with our children that later ended with us running back to the car drenched dragging beach baggage. It was definitely a bomber not to live our best lives sea side, but we laughed it off taking wet selfies being grateful to have shared this experience with no one else. The months passed in not physically seeing some of my dearest friends due to the pandemic. It was after three months that my closest girlfriends begin to stop by as many of our communities started phases in going back in opening things back up through social distancing. We didn’t have nothing planned, there wasn’t a special event to celebrate, but in each scenario we organically picked up where we left off in ease. We may have sat according to the CDC six feet apart, giving each other air hugs, but it didn’t stop the” Hey, Girl” vibe of excitement in laying eyes on each other as dear friends.

Different But Similar

My closest friends are diverse in their lifestyles, careers, and backgrounds as the rainbow of clothes in my closet. I have long- term friendships that started from childhood thru college. I’ve developed a sisterhood closeness to a few friends that I haven’t known particularly in years of decades, but we feel close in the spirit like we’ve known one another all our lives. I also have many older women in my life to love on me in providing biblical guidance like big sisters. I have sisterhood friendships in my life who are a different race than I am, marital status, and live miles apart from me. The commonality is mutual respect, love, compassion, effort, support, and admiration despite differences we all share.

I will admit as one of friends teases me in having an open ” girlfriend spirit” as she says that is welcoming in striking up conversation in connecting with others mutually with ease. I naively opened myself to anyone who wanted to befriend me. I’ve learned from enduring failed friendships about the wisdom that should be taken in choosing, cultivating, and maintaining friends. There’s a distinct difference in those who love me through friendship as a sister. Sisterhood connections that stand the test of time work through hick ups, pauses, distance, babies, marriage, divorce, deaths, successes, failures, and other life occurrences. They are friendships that can handle changes. The biggest appreciation in growing a friendship that develops to a sisterhood is the opportunity to be accepted in being myself. I can adjust in effort when my friend has a special need of support without adjusting who I am as a person. Sisterhood friendships aren’t connected by clout, but they are connected through character. No friendship is perfect including those friendships we view as sisters. Our closest friendships aren’t immune to challenges, but disagreements are handled in holding one another accountable without spitefully attempting to break one’s spirit. A sisterhood connection knows that forgiveness is a must, but forgiveness shouldn’t be taken for granted with repeated negative behaviors and offenses that strains the friendship. It’s true that your vibe attracts your tribe, but your vibe in energy helps maintain your tribe as well in being like minded kindred spirits as sisters.

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