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Women IN Purpose : Soul Sisters Of Service


I have always admired women who were privileged to connect in sharing a vision of serving others through partnership. There are many things that we can do alone with our strengths, talents, and abilities, but when we are able to establish a partnership with another woman of vision it takes our purpose to a deeper level in having an impact. “Women who empower women,” is not just a catch phrase it’s the life’s work within the mission of Jennie Walker and Patrice Canty’s purpose for Women IN Purpose. This dynamic duo are the founders of Women IN Purpose. It’s an organization established on encouraging, empowering, and connecting women in Augusta, Georgia and the C.S.R.A. (Central, Savannah, River, Area). They share as well with their organization aiming to inspire young girls, as they are both mothers of daughters themselves. I had the pleasure to interview with Patrice and Jennie who’s bubbly personalities merged well with mine’s as we discussed Woman IN Purpose, family, motherhood, how to cultivate a healthy partnership as women in vision, and the importance of embracing the realities of genuine sisterhood connections. I knew they were partners in leading their organization Women IN Purpose. I could tell they were friends before they shared they graduated high school together, and the bonus was they’ve known each other since grade school. I wasn’t sure to ask were they “besties” which is another cliche’ of what we call our girlfriends. Patrice and Jennie shared with me that they are “soul sisters” connected at the spirit to serve others.


P.F.M : What gives you the drive to unite other women though Women IN Purpose?
J.W. : My desire for people to reach their full potential gives me the drive to unite others through our group. Seeing people changed, healthy, and whole keeps me desiring more for my group.
P.C. : The need for healthy women relationships. We want to create a platform for women to be able to come in and bare their hearts in it’s purity with no sense of judgment.
P.F.M. : You have known each other since grade school and decided to connect your vision in purpose as one. How do you two balance friendship and business matters staying a united front?
P.C. : We balance friendship and business matters staying a united front by communicating honestly with one another; even if we don’t agree we choose to disagree respectfully. We also do not let the opinions of outsiders taint our vision.
J.W. : It’s easy, we allow our visions to come together. There maybe things Patrice desire, and most of the time I’m on the same page. Anything business wise that’s always done professionally and with care. We just click friendship wise and business wise. We are one heart; we are both created to serve and teach others.
P.F.M. : It can be hard and a lonely road in taking on a vision in growing a business or organization by yourself. What tips do you have for women who are interested in connecting through a partnership? What are some good qualities to look for in a potential partner ?
J.W. : One tip I would give is to make sure you’re on the same page about what you both desire. Also, always leave room for ways to grow. Make sure to communicate with each other. The qualities you should look in a partner is a positive attitude, driven spirit, kind heart, team player, and to be trustworthy.
P.C. : Some tips that I have for women who are interested in connecting through partnership is to lay your pride and ego to the side; you have to have an open-mind to your partner’s ideas and be okay if all parties do not agree. COMMUNICATE effectively, not with an attitude, not with an already made up mind, but with love and a sweet and sensible tongue. Some good qualities to look for is how they handle conflict, what they deem as valuable, how “healthy” their current relationships are and do they hold themselves accountable for their actions.
P.F.M. : How do you feel Women In Purpose empower you as mothers?
P. C. : Women IN Purpose empowers me as a mother by pushing me to be the woman of GOD I am called to be. It also forces me to be accountable for the decisions I make, I have to be mindful of the things I do and the way that I speak because eyes are watching. I desire for my daughter and other girls to see a God-fearing, fun-filled, full of life, and purpose-filled woman.
J.W. : Women In Purpose empowers me as a “bonus mom” to always allow my daughter to see my authentic self. Teaching her true positive friendships matters, and they do exist these days. The group helped me to remain humble, and to always remember to love yourself.
P.F.M . : Friendships can be very challenging to maintain as we grow older, begin careers, organizations, and start families. How important is it for women to take an active role in maintaining and establishing healthy friendships, and how do organizations like Women IN Purpose play in such roles?
P.C. : It is very important for women to take an active role in maintaining and establishing healthy friendships because when women link up and empower each other we make impossible things possible. Like the old adage says “we are the backbones”. Can you imagine a bunch of like-minded “backbones” linked together for a positive cause? We will be a force to be reckoned with. Organizations like Women IN Purpose play a role in that by bringing women together from all facets of life to bare their truths, share their stories, allow women an outlet to be their authentic selves, and let out an “ugly” cry if that is what is needed.
J.W. : It’s very important for women to take an active role in maintaining and establishing healthy friendships. God created us for relationships so having the help of someone else makes it easier for you. Organizations like ours show the importance of friendships. I pray that it teaches women that they need positive relationships, and with each season you will need different people to help you get where you are going.
Follow Women IN Purpose via their Facebook page, and join their self-titled Facebook Community group.

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