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Odd Mom Out

Motherhood can be a bit tricky when it comes down to building relationships due the the juggling act of our many responsibilities, family dynamics, our children's personalities, and not to mention our own makeup in disposition. In truth, not every mom fits into the stock image of the motherhood girlfriend subgroups. We find ourselves identifying… Continue reading Odd Mom Out

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Knowing Your Identity: The Mirror View

There maybe seasons in our lives where we feel lost in confusion in questioning who we are as believers, perplexed within a our role as women, and shaky in knowing our true purpose on earth.  We balance so many roles  as women within our families, relationships, career, friendships, and other areas in our lives that pose daily tests in which we have to be strong in being fearless through Christ in overcoming saying boldly," I know who I am !"    

Journeys In Motherhood, Mom Motivation & Empowerment

The Survival Guide For When Moms Have A Bad Day

  We've all had those days where things simply put us in a big funk. It reminds me of the author Judith Viorst's children's book "Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day." For some reason our hair didn't come out right despite our prep efforts. The children seem to be on level… Continue reading The Survival Guide For When Moms Have A Bad Day

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“Hello Past” ! I See You And I’m No Longer Scared 

   Face crack of the century can't describe the feeling when seeing old remnants from our past showing up in random places of our new beginnings. At the time it seemed like everything was going fine, we got comfortable in our new "now", and we thought we buried all those things that made up our… Continue reading “Hello Past” ! I See You And I’m No Longer Scared 

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Seasons & Promise

   I was teaching my toddlers a medley of the four seasons. I saw the smile in their innocent eyes which made me think about life's seasons. We've had our share of shifts in seasons as a famliy. We've celebrated in times of joy, we've shared tears in losses, and we look foward to the… Continue reading Seasons & Promise

Being Authentic, Mom Motivation & Empowerment, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

I Am Here & I Never Left!

  I looked at a few messages and texts from some friends and loved ones who shared how in desperate need they were for someone to talk to in sharing their doubts and troubles. I don't judge them because I have as well had a few moments where I felt I needed to reach out… Continue reading I Am Here & I Never Left!

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Blessed  Assurance 

       Sometimes all you need is a little boost of love, guidance, and an affirmation that you are heading in the right direction for your purpose.  We have to be able to recognize those little glimmers of hope that God sends our way big or small that are signs that he's there. God sends… Continue reading Blessed  Assurance