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Don’t Take It Personal: Understanding The Projection of Hatefulness

There are some people who are at war with themselves internally, yet they fight vicariously through others. They choose to project their inner conflict in fighting towards others in acting in hate, and the worst feeling is being a target for their wrath. Toxic personalities and those who haven't recognized through acknowledgment of acting out… Continue reading Don’t Take It Personal: Understanding The Projection of Hatefulness

Being Authentic, Friendship

7 Subtle Ways We Ruin Relationships

Most know the obvious ways relationships that are romantic, friendship, or other can be damaged with no end of return. However, there a few subtle ways we ruin the prospect in establishing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships that are eye openers to recognize to prevent doomed sabotage. Let's be real, honest, and take some ownership… Continue reading 7 Subtle Ways We Ruin Relationships

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Heart to Heart :Confronting Conflict 

Confronting conflict isn't easy for everybody. Many feel as though if they bring up an issue or concern with a friend or other that it will only make the situation worst. God doesn't won't us to avoid conflict out of fear with sweeping justified offensives under the rug. God asks that when confronting conflict in… Continue reading Heart to Heart :Confronting Conflict