Be The Difference: I Am Sister’s Keeper

     I don’t why we’re so hard on ourselves as women, but we’re even harder on one another with unrealistic expectations of perfection. We’re all a work in progress. Yes,  even the celebrities and leaders that we hold in high regard in our culture and society are a work in progress. In other words, give yourself room to grow, and show others  grace to do so as well.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t protect our energy to open ourselves to others people’s dramas or nonsense. That’s a different topic. I am saying that the same grace that is given to you extend it towards others. It’s so easy to hide behind a pointing finger, a sassy comment, or even a  passive aggressive post or a meme. However, it’s harder to turn and point the finger towards our own direction.  It’s harder to look  within ourselves to search for our much needed areas of personal growth and discovery. It’s harder to make the commitment and act in self-discipline to work on those precious areas personal development of our character. Let’s make it easier for one another as women.

Know that we’re all a work in progress.  Know that we will always be, and that’s the beautiful thing about life. Growing and adapting to life’s changes is something everyone has to go through continuously.  Where you have grown spiritually and in maturity maybe a place where another person has to work on in their present. It’s not for us to boost, brag, judge, or mock where someone else is. We are to if ever possible and there is a good rapport with someone who’s in our “yesterday ” of our overcoming issues build them up, guide them, and support them.

Make a commitment to not judge or hold our “perfect vision of critiques” for someone else’s life. Make the commitment to work on yourself and to sincerely help another sister if you can.In the end and when it comes down to women making moves in society and breaking down barriers it’s not about race, class, or even generations. We are to grow and set the positive examples for our daughters. We are to set the example for those who look up to us by loving ourselves and each other, supporting one another through the good and the bad, and celebrating each other as women.


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