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Faith, Family, And Friends: The Real Prospective

"Faith, Family, and Friends" is now a catchy hashtag. I'm guilty of using the phrase often in my social media post as well. There are plenty of specialty stores that have" Faith, Family, & Friends"engraved on cups, potholders, aprons, curtains, and you name it on them. The three words are often synonymous in being grouped… Continue reading Faith, Family, And Friends: The Real Prospective

Journeys In Motherhood, The Little Things That Count

Mommy’s Shadow

I have a cute shadow that seems to follow me around most of the time while her other siblings take a mommy breather to do their own thing. She smiles sheepishly when you call her out in being a little curious busybee following you around while you're doing simple chores, makes sures she reaches to… Continue reading Mommy’s Shadow

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Rejection Broken Down 3 Ways

We don't openly share about rejection due to the fact that oftentimes we see rejection as a personal attack, a rub against our ego, and a measure of adequacy. In truth there, are three ways to look at rejection in growing both spiritually, emotionally, professionally without taking it as personal defeat. Rejection For Your Protection… Continue reading Rejection Broken Down 3 Ways

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Where Did This Come From?: Decluttering The Mind To Grow In The Spirit

I called myself decluttering around the house to prepare for the new season. I didn't realize that we've accumulated so much junk! I was taking back in seeing in excess so much stuff that was not needed, and there were a few things that didn't belong to anyone in the house. We seemed to just… Continue reading Where Did This Come From?: Decluttering The Mind To Grow In The Spirit

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Mom’s Day Out!: What Do I Do?

Motherhood can be pretty tricky for moms in carving some much needed alone time that has nothing to do with prepping and cleaning from the usual norm. I was in desperate need of some alone time after sharing myself with four busy kiddos, and as being a teacher of active middle school students. I found… Continue reading Mom’s Day Out!: What Do I Do?