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 Words Hurt & They Last: Covering Our Words Toward Our Children  

    The words that we use towards our children have the power to build them up, or they can break their spirits in tearing them down. I can remember growing up being teased by my aunts about my busty esthetic, my short kinky hair, and "funny" colored brown skin (meaning I didn't fit in being… Continue reading  Words Hurt & They Last: Covering Our Words Toward Our Children  

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10 Things I want to teach my kids about choosing Friends

I loved this blog, and it can help us as parents as well in establishing friendships.

This Beautiful Life of Ours

  1. Surround yourself with people who care more about God’s opinion of them than other people’s opinion.
  2. Find those who intentionally reach out to others from within their “inner circle” and connect with them
  3. Surround yourself with people who are not obsessed with material possessions.
  4. Seek out those who care more about doing the right thing than doing the “cool” thing.
  5. Connect with people who will never ask you to compromise your values and morals.
  6. Surround yourself with those who spiritually uplift you.
  7. Surround yourself with people who will point out your flaws with good intentions.
  8. Find those people who are not quarrelsome; you will enjoy being in their company.
  9. Be among those who are willing to press beyond the answers of “i’m fine” “i’m alright” to forge deeper relationships.
  10. Be with those who will point out your sins and work through them with you, in confidentiality.

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 Engaging In Learning With Your Autistic Toddler

   Learning is important for all children. Parents of autistic  children can engage in a variety of activities at home to strengthen academic success and competency. We as parents are our children's first teachers. It can be complex with working with a special needs learner; however as parents we can't be intimidated. All children love… Continue reading  Engaging In Learning With Your Autistic Toddler

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Find Your Power

I begin to hear my own inner voice. There was a trust in that voice in making decisions that was best for me and my family. I found the beauty in tapping into my power, and I wasn't going to give it back.

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Help For The Busy Bee 

    Busy Bee personalities are here, there, and everywhere. They refuse to focus on the development of cultivating healthy relationships, careers, and they move from place to place. They are in and out of projects never really making a significant achievement or mark in either. Their need to feel important or to prove self-worth… Continue reading Help For The Busy Bee 

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All Of Me

There's no greater connection with the Heavenly Father than growing within your spiritual life in developing your own personal relationship with God through prayer, study, and reflection. Don't get me wrong corporate worship is important, but we can venture deeper by studying the word for ourselves. We can pause in reflection on those words to digest them not just in thought, but we can digest them within our spirit.

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Finding Your Tribe

    We all have our preferences within social interactions and personalities that we feel more comfortable with. I personally feel discovering your tribe goes way deeper than that of surface connections.  A true mutual connection of a genuine bond goes beyond the depths of human separation of race, religion, gender, and that of social… Continue reading Finding Your Tribe

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The Tears Flowed Down

   There will be days when the soul just needs to have a release. I am a naturally smiley person, and I have always been that way. There are times though were the soul yearns for a deep cleansing cry for which afterwards I feel no shame. It's like a weight has been lifted. A… Continue reading The Tears Flowed Down