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You’re A Good Mom

The "perfect mother have you seen her? Have you met her? I use to search for her desperately inside of me until I let go of the notion in owing my personal motherhood journey. I let go of the idea of being the perfect mom. I dropped the notion of feeling like the bad mom… Continue reading You’re A Good Mom

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You Don’t Look Like What You’re Going Through

Many of us don't look like what we've been through, or we may not look like what we're possibly going through at the time. It's not likely that you'll find someone wearing a Tshirt listing everything they've been through in challenges beginning at their first fall when they begin learning how to walk. Many of… Continue reading You Don’t Look Like What You’re Going Through

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Let Them Help

  You're in the mindset of getting something done. You're completely focused, and you have it timed to about when you will be finished. There is a shadow lurking near by, and suddenly you hear a voice that asks, "Mama, can I help?" It's cute in thoughtfulness at first, but you think in your head… Continue reading Let Them Help

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   10 Tips For Taking A Mental Health Break For Moms

I can feel it coming on when my mind and body are depleted from the balancing act of all the roles that I carry. I can be a bit out of sorts on the days my husband has an unexpected sickle cell crisis in being admitted the hospital, and I have to navigate the arrangements… Continue reading    10 Tips For Taking A Mental Health Break For Moms

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They Said What! : How To Stop Worrying About What Others Say For The Sensitive Soul

ome of us can't hide it. We are simply sensitive people. Guess what? Being sensitive isn't nothing to be ashamed of . Sensitive people are not professional whinny dolls who drop bucket loads of tears after the slightest offense! Those of us who are naturally sensitive are very in tune with the world around us within everyday responses and interactions. It's how we respond or should I say not respond to those everyday interactions that helps us better control the beauty of our sensitivity rather than letting our emotions take over our lives in controlling us.

Being Authentic, Mom Motivation And Empowerment, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

This Joy I Have: Learning How To Embrace Joy!

   There was a song from my childhood that my late cousin Jerry would sing with a wide smile at our little family church in the back woods of Georgia entitled " This Joy I Have." The lyrics of the song resonates in my heart as loud as Jerry would sing having our  little church… Continue reading This Joy I Have: Learning How To Embrace Joy!

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Moms Don’t Have Sick Days!

    It's that time of the year when the season is changing, and the temperature outside is fluctuating. In the south it's cold in the morning, at midday it feel like summer, and at night you're debating whether to turn on the heater or not. Many of us have our little ones entering in… Continue reading Moms Don’t Have Sick Days!

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Let The Journey Begin!

Motherhood is a different journey for each mother. We all have different backgrounds, stories, and challenges that make up our motherhood journey.  We connect though as women in sharing  determination and walking this journey that holds no known promises by doing the best that we can. We connect by encouraging another mother that she's not… Continue reading Let The Journey Begin!