Journeys In Motherhood, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

A Mother’s Tears : Heal Our Land

It was a hot muggy July day on a Georgia summer in 2005. I was in my third trimester expecting my first child driving my old 86' Hatch Honda Civic heading up a country back road with my car packed full of boxes from my old apartment as I was preparing to embark on a… Continue reading A Mother’s Tears : Heal Our Land

Mom Motivation And Empowerment

Six Traits Of Confident Moms

I have learned that being a confident mom has nothing to do with perfection or implying it in effort. Growing as a confident mom is an inside job that takes self initiative. The women that we deem to be confident moms shouldn't be women that we feel are superior, emulate to compare, or feel jealous of.  We can be inspired by these women rather than intimated in taking our place within the walls of our own homes in loving, caring, and raising our children to grow in confidence for ourselves.

Mom Motivation And Empowerment, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Survivor’s Guilt: The Other Side Of Overcoming Adversity

There's nothing like hearing the triumph of a hero's story from battle. Those of us who grew up reading superhero comic books counted on the illustrations to tell the story of how our famed heroes defeated the mighty hands of their adversaries. If you're like my kids and I who oftentimes watch the mega superhero… Continue reading Survivor’s Guilt: The Other Side Of Overcoming Adversity

Mom Motivation And Empowerment

12 Things Moms Should Never Feel Guilty About

 It's important for us to recognize our role as mothers in authority, protection, care, and freedom to know that there are some things we should never feel guilty about. It's essential for us to humbly in assertiveness own our unique motherhood journey in releasing unwarranted guilt meant to cause shame, judgement, comparisons, and pressures of… Continue reading 12 Things Moms Should Never Feel Guilty About

Mom Motivation And Empowerment

When God Closes The Door

I have precious memories of playing in my grandparents' front yard. I would often make mud pies decorating festively with leaves from their bushes. My grandparents were pretty relaxed about me playing in the front yard by recycling pie pans for me to use for my culinary mud pie experience. However, the rule of keeping… Continue reading When God Closes The Door