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Remove, Rebuild, and Restore :The Uneasy Process of Evolving 

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I took a step back after the holidays to really look back at my life in reflecting on what all transpired in placing me where I am in this present time. Like everyone else I’ve had some amazing highs, but in truth there were some of the lowest of the lows in repeated cycles for which I knew I had to make a change. It may be weird to some, but cleaning is my therapy. I prefer to clean alone with my favorite inspirational music blasting while I am tackling the dirtiest of the dirtiest in some of the messy antics that my children make here at home. I need all the inspirational music I can when I take on the children’s bathroom! One day in particular while I was cleaning after a season of weird flip flops in growing my business, meeting new people in the whole “networking” scenario…

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Morning After Survival Tips For The Day After Christmas And Throughout The Holidays

It's the morning after Christmas and all through the house everyone was sleeping sound, but when mom went downstairs she wanted to shout! The day after Christmas it hits you after looking at the big mess of boxes and torn wrapping paper sitting in your front room of all that you have to clean.I've learned some survival tips to help this empath mom survive another day in calm following the storm of holiday cheer. 

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Redefining What It Means To Be Special Needs!

Times are changing in our society with the perception of  how we view those living with autism. Many parents, educators, and caregivers see the amazing personalitys and skills of those with special needs. Check out this blog as we share our story of our daughter Paris, and how she changed our world for the better. 

Purpose Filled Mommy with Minimarie

There seems to be more of a growth in awareness, openness, and acceptance with those living with autism. This makes me so excited as a parent with a beautiful autistic child in seeing finally as a society we are redefining our perception of those with special needs and autism! Many parents and teachers have long known the amazing lives of children with autism before the more recent popularity of focus. Many parents like myself kind of kept things close to home as families of their triumphs, challenges, personalities, and achievements within their disabilities of the safety of our walls. Social media along with many celebrities who are parents of children with special needs or who have come forward with being on the autistic spectrum have opened our eyes to redefining what we thought being “special needs” really was. My hope is that we continue to break down barriers, perceptions, and…

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Fighting Flight

Great read for when you feel like calling it quits, throwing in the towel, or lacing up your tennis shoes when facing adversity. Learn how to stop running away from your problems, and stay firm trusting in the Lord.

Purpose Filled Mommy with Minimarie

My daughter shared in her first experience of dance camp to kick off summer break. It has been awhile since she attended this particular dance studio, but she was familiar since she was a former student. The owner and instructor knew her very well. The instructor has always treated my family kindly. I could see following the first day after I picked her up she was a bit flustered. Many of the other girls were acquainted with one another from the past dance season. I could see our daughter’s nervousness in being for what she considered the new kid on the block. She mentioned the following day that one of her peers said something that hurt her feelings. I asked her did she enjoy dance camp she shared that she wanted to continue? I picked her up following teaching a dance class myself for which I could admit I was…

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The Holidays In Her Eyes : Understanding  Autism Within The Hustle And Bustle 

The holiday season can be a mix of emotions for children with autism. Parents and loved ones of those with special needs must be aware that the holiday hustle and bustle can be a sensory overload and overwhelming experience for little ones living with autism. The holiday season is filled with the beautiful allure of… Continue reading The Holidays In Her Eyes : Understanding  Autism Within The Hustle And Bustle 

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Family Tests

Many us see pristine family photos online of happy families. Those images don't accurately depict what may be going on behind the scenes. Those images don't accurately depict what many of us have experienced growing up or what we may be experiencing within our families at this given time. We may find ourselves within moments… Continue reading Family Tests

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Out Of The Mouths Of Babes: How My Son Broke Down The Meaning Of Joy

My son and I had a discussion on the difference between being happy and having joy. I often say the phrase, "Out of the mouths of babes", in reference to the amazing things that children speak into existence . Children can say the most intriguing in thought provoking words to  describe life. They use their creative… Continue reading Out Of The Mouths Of Babes: How My Son Broke Down The Meaning Of Joy