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Life Lessons From My Sassy Strong -Willed Child  

Purpose Filled Mommy

Let’s face it, the strong – willed child can sometimes catch a bad rap for their quirky personalities. Yes, I can admit in saying that they can be a handful and stubborn at times. I have a strong- willed four year old who marches to the beat of her own drum, and I lovingly embrace it. I watch Payton in her tenacious spirit from afar seeing how she creates her own lane withinour brood of young ones. Her strength in pushing the limits in exploring adventures along with voicing her opinion keeps us all on our toes. You don’t have to guess how Payton is feeling just take a look at her face. She’s equally loving as she is feisty in personality.She’s protective of others in a nurturing way. Payton is my dependable helper although she is the baby by a one minute default in birth with her…

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10 Steps In Nurturing Your Child’s Mental Health

Our children's mental health needs and concerns are as equally important in cultivating, caring, protecting, and supporting as any other area in their lives. Parents and guardians shouldn't put to the back burner the importance of mental health regarding their children to that of academics, physical fitness, and spiritual understanding. Mental health matters when it… Continue reading 10 Steps In Nurturing Your Child’s Mental Health

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Odd Mom Out

Motherhood can be a bit tricky when it comes down to building relationships due the the juggling act of our many responsibilities, family dynamics, our children's personalities, and not to mention our own makeup in disposition. In truth, not every mom fits into the stock image of the motherhood girlfriend subgroups. We find ourselves identifying… Continue reading Odd Mom Out

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

The Chains Are Broken

The chains that have us bound aren't linked to a forever status of our circumstances unless we choose to accept defeat in being locked bound in forever turmoil. He brought them out of darkness, the utter darkness, and broke away their chains. Psalms 107 : 14 NIV "My It's Dark" The first thing my 5… Continue reading The Chains Are Broken

Family Matters, Journeys In Motherhood, The Little Things That Count

 Words Hurt & They Last: Covering Our Words Toward Our Children  

Our words hurt and our tone matters in what we say and how we say it with our children.