Spiritual Growth and Understanding

We’re Going To The Beach! : Growing In Patience

I reminisce often about a paper my daughter wrote a few years back desperately wanting to visit the beach. She shared in her paper that if she could go anywhere in the world it would be seaside with her toes in the sand. She could hardly wait to the point that her anxiousness lead to… Continue reading We’re Going To The Beach! : Growing In Patience

The Little Things That Count

The Five Love Languages: Apply The Five Languages Overall

The 5 Love Languages can help us grow overall in our relationships with our spouses/ partners, children, and other relationships in applying in effort. I have grown to have more rewarding connections with others since learning the 5 Love Languages with a better understanding of how I best receive love along with expressing it.

Women and Moms Who Inspire

Homeschooling Inspiration with Nike Anderson of The Homeschool Genius

Nike Anderson is the founder of The Homeschool Genius which provides insight from her personal experience as a homeschooling mom, a wealth of resources for homeschooling families, and helpful tips for families new to starting their homeschooling journey. Nike provides sound wisdom to help families grow in confidence in home education .

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Rest, Come, and Connect With Me: Strengthening Your Prayer Life

I awoke this morning to discover a little 7 year old drifter coming in my bedroom for one on one while her siblings were still asleep in their beds. She just wanted to connect undisturbed, and I could feel while she was in my arms a release from morning  anxiousness. There is an immediate urge within our spirits when find ourselves going too far along without connecting to God as our power source wholeheartedly.