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Bag Lady

    Many of us are carrying around more junk than what's in our purse. We are carrying the burdensome load of heavy emotional baggage that we need to release to let go. The weight of emotional baggage can be equally as exhausting as carrying around heavy physical baggage. The heavy bags of unresolved issues… Continue reading Bag Lady

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They Said What! : How To Stop Worrying About What Others Say For The Sensitive Soul

ome of us can't hide it. We are simply sensitive people. Guess what? Being sensitive isn't nothing to be ashamed of . Sensitive people are not professional whinny dolls who drop bucket loads of tears after the slightest offense! Those of us who are naturally sensitive are very in tune with the world around us within everyday responses and interactions. It's how we respond or should I say not respond to those everyday interactions that helps us better control the beauty of our sensitivity rather than letting our emotions take over our lives in controlling us.

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Simply Awesome! Meet Yesenia Person : Mom On The Move

Looking at her glow in excitement with each step we took of our four mile hike at beautiful Phinizy Swamp I could see the determination that helped her loose over 100 pounds. Yesenia Person is not only a proud wife, and mother of three active kiddos, but she is the creator of the blog SimplySenia.… Continue reading Simply Awesome! Meet Yesenia Person : Mom On The Move

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Blessed  Assurance 

       Sometimes all you need is a little boost of love, guidance, and an affirmation that you are heading in the right direction for your purpose.  We have to be able to recognize those little glimmers of hope that God sends our way big or small that are signs that he's there. God sends… Continue reading Blessed  Assurance 

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 12 Ways to  Co-Parent With Peace

Co-parenting is more common in our society with the growth of blended families. Some parents are able to unite in parenting efforts with no major problems. Many others including myself for a spell found co-parenting challenging at times. High conflict custody battles can be emotionally draining for both parents. Constant disagreements and tension in conflict… Continue reading  12 Ways to  Co-Parent With Peace