Co-parenting, The Balancing Act

 Good Parent Vs  Bad Parent : The Unfair Comparison 

     Divorce has away of making people choose a side of who's the better parent in the equation.We spend thousands of dollars on attorneys and court fees in custody battles to prove which parent is more fit in being the primary guardian for the child (ren). I've always felt torn in split expectations, judgments,… Continue reading  Good Parent Vs  Bad Parent : The Unfair Comparison 

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Twins Serving For Purpose

   The hurricane season hit the southeast region pretty hard. Hurricane Matthew did a lot of damage to the Georgia and South Carolina coastal regions. We had many  people to enter our city to evacuate from the hurricane for an  abrupt relocation  from their homes for shelter that had to wait it out at local high schools temporarily.… Continue reading Twins Serving For Purpose

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Mommy Breastfeeds Me with Author  Amanda Porter: Breastfeeding Advocacy & Support 

More  moms would consider breastfeeding as their first option if they had more support and understanding. Families would feel like breastfeeding is as natural as the air we breath if breastfeeding was more supported in open acceptance. The book Mommy Breastfeeds Me written by Amanda Porter helps children and families with giving insight from a… Continue reading Mommy Breastfeeds Me with Author  Amanda Porter: Breastfeeding Advocacy & Support 

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Double Blessings And Strengthening  Faith: My Story with Micro Preemies

I look back in awe daily on the strides that our twin daughters have made in their fight to make it. The twins' unexpected births with the uncertainty that the doctors shared with us of the uphill battle of babies born so early at only 24 weeks was gut wrenching for any parent to digest.… Continue reading Double Blessings And Strengthening  Faith: My Story with Micro Preemies

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Outdoor Fun Is A Must!

My fondest memories as a child was playing outside with my friends on our dead end street. We had the whole block to ourselves to have races to see who was the fastest, play hide & go seek, and go on discoveries to walk around the surprisingly wooded area on our city street. Our mothers would sit in their chairs in the yard in deep adult conversation that we dare not to interject in. We didn't live in a quiet suburb. We lived smacked down in the inner city. Life wasn't easy for any of us, but it was a community of happy kids.

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Happy Life Happy Parenting 

There comes a point when how you truly feel in the inside starts affecting those around you on the outside. Those who are the closest to you feel it the most when you're at your best or at your worst especially your family. I saw myself at a very unhappy, unsettling, and low point at… Continue reading Happy Life Happy Parenting 

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Thinking Outside Of The Box: 

   Children have away of teaching us in their own way without saying a word. I can remember awhile back my husband came home with a large box from work. I placed it simply on the countertop. I didn't know what to do with, and I thought of it like a eyesore in our home.… Continue reading Thinking Outside Of The Box: