Autism Support & Awareness

Encouragement For Special Needs Moms

I didn't step out on my motherhood journey to be a special needs parent, but I will say that being a special needs mother has been a true testament of tenacity in experience. I'm an autism mom, and I am also a mom of multiple children with specific learning disabilities along with a child on… Continue reading Encouragement For Special Needs Moms

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Don’t Take The Bait : Keeping Your Cool

The kids and I are going fishing together for the first time. My youngest daughter wanted to know why some fish get caught, and why other fish don't. I shared that the fish that aren't so easily caught are smart enough to recognize the bait. The same applies in real life scenarios that we face as believers in tests of  being baited into conflict, enticed in coming out of character, and being pressured to engage in brutish behavior towards others is being able to recognize the bait that is being thrown in not taking it in.

Journeys In Motherhood

“Mama What’s Going On?”: The Day Your Teen Really Asks What’s Happening In The World Around Them

There comes a point in our lives as parents that we can no longer shield our children from the ongoings of major world events that they see are happening in the news. My son has matured to ask questions about world events that he experiences that effects him in interferences, connect with in empathy, and… Continue reading “Mama What’s Going On?”: The Day Your Teen Really Asks What’s Happening In The World Around Them

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Trusting God: Thanks For Looking Out

I reflect sometimes from days growing up from the guidance, instruction, and occasional discipline giving to me by my parents and grandparents thinking how although at the time I sulked in being in my feelings that they were actually looking out for me. My children give me the same facial impressions I gave my parents… Continue reading Trusting God: Thanks For Looking Out

Mom Motivation And Empowerment

6 Things I’m Taking Into The New Year

We can all agree that 2020 was a beast to get through in a year personally, and it impacted our families with added stressors as moms. I had some hits and misses from last year. I'm an under forty divorced mom of four that has lived through 9-11, Katrina, 2 economic crashes, and a global… Continue reading 6 Things I’m Taking Into The New Year