Journeys In Motherhood

Motherhood & Self- Acceptance: Owning Your Journey

My motherhood journey has truly been an experience with growing in self-acceptance. I am finally at a place in owning my identity within my motherhood journey without holding the weight of comparisons, embracing changes despite it’s complexities, and offering the gift of grace in every step I take within it’s daily occurrences within my family. The moment I decided to open myself up to self-love grew my confidence as a woman along with self-acceptance as a mom.

No Comparisons

I started blogging a few years ago about my motherhood experience in the hopes to connecting to more moms through encouragement, support, and insight. The expansion of social media platforms have given all moms the glossy insight of how many of us manage our homes amongst our families. Social media platform that focus solely on the false pristine expectations of perfectionism in motherhood has open the door for many of us to compare our homes, child rearing, home management, and our children by unrealistic expectations despite our given uniqueness within our personal journeys. I can recall phases where I compared myself as mom when I homeschooled, made the decision to be a SAHM, when I transitioning back to work, and also in being an autism mom. There’s also this dense pressure to be considered relevant as a ” Mommy Influencer” based on the amount of subscribers and followers you have in having a platform that felt defeating sometimes as a mom blogger. I do my best not to compare myself to anyone nowadays in celebrating my own motherhood journey. I also in authenticity share my experience from my personal perspective as a writer. I can have an appreciation for other moms on how they choose to share their journey without comparing myself in feeling lesser, equal to, or more than fit.

This Is Us

My family dynamics have shifted in going through a divorce. The magic “D” word of the divorce brings a mixed of stigmas as a mom. The tie in of two failed marriages can make others pass on unfair judgments of who they think I am as a person, wife, and a mother. I definitely hit rock bottom of self-esteem as a woman with having two failed marriages under my belt in now navigating as a single mom co-parenting in two directions. I took steps towards healing with taking ownership of past mistakes, released the burden of what wasn’t my fault, guilt from what I couldn’t control in my marriages, and found empowerment by other single moms who were determined not to give up in being amazing mothers to their children along with having successful careers. I know that although we hit a major shift in our family’s dynamics I’m growing in joy as a mom in being sincerely happy now. It’s was definitely healthy for my children to have a happy mother to love on them in giving them the best that I can.

Then There Was Grace

The best gift to myself was the extension of grace within my motherhood journey. There are times as a mom where I feel high above the clouds in feeling like I did something right. There’s nothing like that satisfying feeling when you cook a new dish for dinner with the kids leaving not a crumb left in knowing you threw down in the kitchen. I love seeing one of the children applying one of the life lessons we shared together outside of our home successfully with others. The happy Brady Bunch moments when all my children are sharing fun moments as happy siblings makes my heart melt. I find pride in clapping for my kiddos when they are being recognized in moments of achievements. There are also the times when one of the children says something out of context of interpretation of what I’ve guided them as their mom, a dinner mishap that makes me call in for takeout, seeing the cats have a sibling spat, and watching a pile of laundry grow to fold right before my eyes. These are the momets that within self-acceptance I extend myself and my children grace in knowing that we’re all allowed to grow each day. I own the uniqueness of my motherhood journey lovingly accepting who I am as a woman and as a mom.

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