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She Was Made with Gail Lee Gardner: Mom On The Move

I got a chance to interview and chat with Gail Lee Gardner, the founder of She Was Made. Gail uses her platform to encourage women to live a life full of purpose through determination. She shares "Live" video chats about her own personal life by living the example of what she speaks. She keeps it real, honest, and direct which makes her approach even more welcoming for all women to connect to her message. She's also a single mother of two active boys. We had a chance to share on the topics of living life with purpose, parenting as a single mother, the challenges of dating as a single mother, beauty tips, and more.

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 12 Ways to  Co-Parent With Peace

Co-parenting is more common in our society with the growth of blended families. Some parents are able to unite in parenting efforts with no major problems. Many others including myself for a spell found co-parenting challenging at times. High conflict custody battles can be emotionally draining for both parents. Constant disagreements and tension in conflict… Continue reading  12 Ways to  Co-Parent With Peace


Coping And Healing From A Friend Breakup In Love

No one enters a friendship with the intentions of it ever dissolving. We have cute little phrases as BFF, my girly girl, homegirl, or even deeper than that we call one another sisters. In reality friendships come and go.We hate to say that, but it's true. We hate to feel the pain of losing someone… Continue reading Coping And Healing From A Friend Breakup In Love

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This Joy I Have: Learning How To Embrace Joy!

   There was a song from my childhood that my late cousin Jerry would sing with a wide smile at our little family church in the back woods of Georgia entitled " This Joy I Have." The lyrics of the song resonates in my heart as loud as Jerry would sing having our  little church… Continue reading This Joy I Have: Learning How To Embrace Joy!