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Trusting God When Life Seems Unfair

It's not a week that goes by as a mother when I don't hear one of my children mutter the words " That's not fair." My students will openly share with their classmates, and they will share whole group in class about situations that they deem as unfair passionately with fellow peers nodding in agreement.… Continue reading Trusting God When Life Seems Unfair

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No More Tripping: A Bulk In The Floor Changed My Life’s Prospective

Finally, we had the eyesore of the ugly bulk fixed on the hardwood floor in the front room. It had been a week since the floor was fixed, but for some reason I kept walking by the spot cautiously to not trip as if the problem was still there. The humor in walking on a… Continue reading No More Tripping: A Bulk In The Floor Changed My Life’s Prospective

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She Was Made with Gail Lee Gardner: Mom On The Move

I got a chance to interview and chat with Gail Lee Gardner, the founder of She Was Made. Gail uses her platform to encourage women to live a life full of purpose through determination. She shares "Live" video chats about her own personal life by living the example of what she speaks. She keeps it real, honest, and direct which makes her approach even more welcoming for all women to connect to her message. She's also a single mother of two active boys. We had a chance to share on the topics of living life with purpose, parenting as a single mother, the challenges of dating as a single mother, beauty tips, and more.