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All Love : Celebrating Valentine’s Day With The Kids

Valentine’s Day has always been a special day for me since childhood in expression of love. My children are always excited each year with receiving their sweetheart cards from friends at school, having a call from their Grandma, and they don’t ask for nothing extravagant from me concerning the holiday. Last year, I shared my first experience as a single parent for Valentine’s Day. I’ve learned from that experience it’s essential as a parent to share expressions of love regardless of a shift in family dynamics, and it’s equally important as single parent to center yourself around people who can pour love back into you. Last Valentine’s Day I simply shared it with my daughters and two close friends dining on Chinese food at a local restaurant. The holiday for me isn’t so much in reverence to being in a romantic partnership as much as it’s about celebrating the joy of being able to love.

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We continued our family’s tradition of sharing the evening together for Valentine’s Day as a family. I was happy to have my son with me, and my nephew was our newest special guest at the table. I purchased five heart shaped balloons and five small boxes of chocolate that I gave the kids following work from a teacher’s training. My daughter Paris was excited because the day before she had a full meltdown in having to “give” her teachers their small box of chocolates out of her book bag in thinking all the goodies inside were solely for her. Her twin sister gleamed because she had a ” Frozen” themed balloon thinking that it’s a sign that we were going to the movies. My preteen was her usual “meh” about the ballon, but she did appreciate the chocolates. My two teen boys were the ones who actually surprised me in being happy with their gifts, but it could’ve been the fact that they were both given their gifts with each receiving a personal side of buffalo wings.

I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store in maneuvering through a sea of people buying last minute gifts, so I went in the cabinet to create a special dinner from what we already had. I figured spaghetti and meatballs would be a universal favorite that each person at the table wouldn’t complain about. There was thankfully cake mix and frosting in one of the cabinets, so we made cupcakes with a strawberry twist topped with sprinkles. The treat for my teens and preteen I guess was drinking a rare treat of soda from mom’s wineglasses set at the table. I found two mix match candles from fall to place on the table, and my daughter set out the plastic ware. I know so fancy right! I would’ve loved to take the kids out to a nice restaurant with all the ambience, but I was comforted in seeing how they were enjoying themselves at the tables without trills with their Valentine’s Day meal. The salad with cucumbers though was the only thing at the table that seemed lonely.

My two friends I shared the holiday with last year called me in inviting me once the kids settled to a late night breakfast at one of our spots. I think we cut up so much in laughing at our inside jokes the waitresses were snickering along with our silliness. My mom, aunt, and a few close friends sent some cute Valentine’s Day text messages. My daughter found a picture of my late Grandmother who we would visit every Valentine’s Day which made us both share a pause and slight smile in remembrance. I believe that each day we have the opportunity to express love and receive love through living intentional in taking full advantage enjoying precious moments.