Spiritual Growth and Understanding

When Helping Hurts : A Divine Referral In Intervention

There will be times that we may feel like we're going in circles in helping others who refuse to meet us halfway, but know we serve a mighty God that can handle helping us all ensuring that he gets the glory for deliverance in the situation at hand.

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Who Are You Talking To?

The closest of family, friends, and loved ones will occassionally have disagreements. The words and actions we use in handling conflicts tests the depths of how we truly value our loved ones in being apart of our lives. We can choose to focus on the issue at hand in sharing our grievances with those we… Continue reading Who Are You Talking To?

Mom Motivation And Empowerment

Don’t Take It Personal: Understanding The Projection of Hatefulness

There are some people who are at war with themselves internally, yet they fight vicariously through others. They choose to project their inner conflict in fighting towards others in acting in hate, and the worst feeling is being a target for their wrath. Toxic personalities and those who haven't recognized through acknowledgment of acting out… Continue reading Don’t Take It Personal: Understanding The Projection of Hatefulness