Being Authentic, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Who Can I Run To?

There was an old school song from the 90's that I would hear my mother play on the radio sung passionately by the R&B group Xscape entitled, "Who Can I Run To?" The song along with it's interpretation within it's lyrics were in reference to love. The question can also be applied in using discernment,… Continue reading Who Can I Run To?

Being Authentic, Purpose Filled Mommy, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Through Switch Ups & Shake Ups: You’re Covered

I recently went through a roller coaster season of extreme highs and the lowest of the blows. Roller coaster seasons are emotionally draining because there are so many switch ups and shake ups that you're trying to take in during a short period of time. It's in those unpredictable seasons that we must strengthen our… Continue reading Through Switch Ups & Shake Ups: You’re Covered

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

No More Rebounds

    Rebound relationships and instant commitments made from the haste of a broken heart are dangerous for your spiritual and emotional well being. These relationships from the start are built on a shaky foundation of unresolved issues. Many times we seek the comfort in rebound relationships as a temporary fix from hurt, pain, anger, and… Continue reading No More Rebounds