Journeys In Motherhood, The Little Things That Count

Allowing Our Children To Help Isn’t An Inconvenience

Every perfectionist or do it all by themselves mom will admit that we occasionally have a cringe moment when our children attempt to jump in to lend a helping hand. It’s not like we don’t want our children to help out, but our stubbornness in having things specifically our way can sometimes get the best of us in conflicting moments in our motherhood journey. I’m far from a perfectionist ( we’ll at least I think I am), but I will admit to being a do it myself kind of person at times. I fight with that independent energy with motherhood in sputs, but I’m humbled in knowing how small gestures in allowing my children to lend their efforts in being helping hands empowers them in beneficial life skills for the future.

I will openly admit to being a private chef in the kitchen in wanting to cook quietly alone. Hey, don’t judge me, cooking alone in the kitchen is like therapy to me. My intentions were to cook a quick Saturday breakfast to get everyone started for the day by scrambling some eggs. The pan was hot, and ready to go. I had the table lined up for my hungry soliders to arise to smell a hot full breakfast. I cracked the first egg into the bowl, and I was startled by a tug on my gown by some tiny hands holding a whisk to jump in to help scramble. Was it an irritating inconvenience for my Kindergartener to want to help me scramble some eggs? No, it wasn’t, and I didn’t want my daughter to feel that way. There may have been something in the butter melting on the hot pan that radiated an aroma of wake up, because her big sister came down to help.

Yes, I could’ve fixed a quick hot breakfast for five in 30 mins, but seeing their eager eyes closed my impatience of having things my way. One egg hit the floor, and there were a few eggshells to pick out of the egg mixture in the bowl. I will say this though, those were the tastiest eggs we had in awhile. The girls seemed so proud of their morning concoction to contribute to the breakfast table. The extra ingredients were patience, grace, humanity, and love. Allowing our children to help even if they make a few flubs isn’t an inconvenience, but it is a learning experience for both them and sometimes us.

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