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Knowing Your Identity: The Mirror View

There maybe seasons in our lives where we feel lost in confusion in questioning who we are as believers, perplexed within a our role as women, and shaky in knowing our true purpose on earth.  We balance so many roles  as women within our families, relationships, career, friendships, and other areas in our lives that pose daily tests in which we have to be strong in being fearless through Christ in overcoming saying boldly," I know who I am !"    

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 You Say She’s A Friend : Signs That You Are Not Really Friends

Biz Markie coined the famous  1989 hip hop classic "Just A Friend",  about young love in  connection of uncertainty of it's realness. True friendships are based on honesty, trust, openness,ownership, forgiveness, loyalty, and love. Have you had a few "friends" on your mind that through discernment of your intuition you feel a burning uncertainty that… Continue reading  You Say She’s A Friend : Signs That You Are Not Really Friends

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Self-Care For Self- Preservation 

Most would agree that motherhood is a balancing act of many additional roles , and there are many responsibilities for moms to take on daily. We are here, there, and everywhere for our children for their various activities.We do our best to give 100 percent to our spouse or significant other . The job market… Continue reading Self-Care For Self- Preservation